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Claim To Fame Dominique Bio, Age, IG, Famous Relative

Dominique signed up for ABC’s new show Claim To Fame, where the contestant guess each other’s famous relatives until there is the last man standing who will take home a hundred grand. But, it isn’t easy. They only have access to clues and not the internet. If you guess correctly you stay otherwise failing to guess correctly means you pack your bag and head home.

By far, Maxwell, Chuck Norris’ grandson, was eliminated from the competition in the first episode in a shocking twist. Pepper was voted by contestants as the first guesser. She chose Maxwell and was convinced that he was Steven Spielberg’s grandson. Maxwell cheated by using a smartphone during the game and hosts Joe and Frankie Jonas were briefly taken off-camera.

He was eliminated and sent home because it was against the rules. But, because Maxwell cheated, Pepper was safe from being eliminated.

Pepper again was chosen as the guesser for episode 2. She chose Michael and guessed that Michael was related to Zendaya, which was correct. Michael is actually Zendaya’s cousin. Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter Amara, Louise, Simone Biles’ sister Adria, and Brittany, Brett Favre’s daughter, are among the participants whose identities have been made public.

So, who is Dominique? And who is her famous relative? Here are some of the clues and speculations currently available at this moment. So, can you figure it out?

Meet Dominique, One Of The Contestants On Claim To Fame

Dominique is one of the 12 contestants on ABC’s Claim To Fame. The show’s description states that the show “challenges 12 celebrity relatives to step outside their famous family member’s shadow and live together under one roof, concealing their identity and lineage in the quest for their own fame and fortune”.

The show is hosted by Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas, best known as the oldest and youngest of the Jonas Brothers.

All 12 contestants are related to celebrities and what they do is try to guess each other’s famous kin, and the last contestant standing will win $100,000 as a prize. Every week, one contestant has to guess the identity of a fellow player, and either the guesser or the guessee gets sent home.

Claim To Fame Dominique Famous Relative

Dominique from Claim To Fame has managed to live under the radar along with a few contestants like Kai and Lark. But viewers of the show believed that they might’ve figured out who her famous relative is. According to the show’s rule, each contestant on the show must provide two truths and a lie about their celebrity relative/how they’re related.

We know that Dominique lied about her famous relative being an actor. So, she could be related to any type of celebrity from a different field whether it is sports or entertainer on TV. But on Twitter, fans guessed that Dominique’s relative is none other than Loni Love.

Loni fits one clue, as she is a TV show host and not an actress. One Twitter user pointed out, “Ok so I’m watching Claim to Fame, and I outed Simone Bile’s sister in the first 8 min! She looks just like her”. They tweeted further, “is Dominique related to Loni Love? She looks and sounds just like her lol #ClaimToFame“.

Others think that Dominique might be related to Steve Harvey. But, Steve also has an acting gig on his name. The third famous person viewers guessed she might be related to is Tiffany Haddish. But, Tiffany has appeared on Girls Trip. Plus, she is related to Kai, so it doesn’t make sense to bring two people related to one star in the show where guessing correctly leads to elimination.

One other Dominique gave was “the mustache clue”. Some internet sleuths have figured out that Loni Love tweeted that she promoted Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 on her Twitter, where the movie’s tagline reads, “With a Great Mustache, Comes Great Responsibility”.

All of these clues certainly point to Dominique’s relationship with Loni Love.

Claim To Fame Dominique Age

Claim To Fame Dominique, appears in her late 20s but her current age is not known yet.

What Is Claim To Fame Dominique Last Name?

Currently, the last name of Claim To Fame Dominique is yet to reveal.

Claim To Fame Dominique Job

Besides the last name along with other details about Dominique’s relative, details about her job and her career still remain in a dark.

Claim To Fame Dominique Height

Speaking about her height, Claim To Fame Dominque stands tall under 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Claim To Fame Dominique Relationship Status?

Claim To Fame Dominique is a mysterious individual. Her socials couldn’t be traced and she has never been in the limelight before the show. Hence, her relationship status is yet to unfold.

  • Is Claim To Fame Dominique On Instagram?

Though she might be on Instagram or any other social media platforms, because of her unavailability, her socials couldn’t be traced.

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