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Claim To Fame Pepper Bio, Age, Job, IG, Famous Relative

Pepper from Claim To Fame is the granddaughter of Dean Martin, no doubt, but who are her parents? Does she have any siblings? Who is her boyfriend? What job does she do? Is Pepper on Instagram? We got all the answers below in this article.

So, keep on reading to learn more about her family, job, age, and Instagram.

Meet Pepper, One Of The Contestants On Claim To Fame

One of the 12 competitors on ABC’s Claim To Fame is Pepper. The show’s description states that the show “challenges 12 celebrity relatives to step outside their famous family member’s shadow and live together under one roof, concealing their identity and lineage in the quest for their own fame and fortune”.

Kevin and Frankie Jonas, the oldest and youngest of the Jonas Brothers, respectively, host the program. The final person standing will get a prize of $100,000. All 12 candidates are connected to famous people, and they compete by trying to guess each other’s, famous relatives. Every week, a contender must guess the identity of another participant, and either they or the guessee are eliminated.

In a surprise turn of events, Maxwell, Chuck Norris’ grandson, was ousted from the tournament in the first episode. Participants chose Pepper to be the first guesser. She decided on Maxwell and was certain he was Steven Spielberg’s descendant. When Maxwell used a smartphone to cheat during the game, hosts Joe and Frankie Jonas were briefly removed from the camera.

Because it was against the rules, he was disqualified and sent home. However, Maxwell cheated, protecting Pepper from being removed.

For episode 2, Pepper was once more chosen as the guesser. She made the choice of Michael and was right to assume that Michael was linked to Zendaya. In reality, Zendaya’s cousin is Michael.

Claim To Fame Pepper Famous Relative

In the show, Pepper revealed that her famous relative was a comedian and a Grammy winner. Based on the facial feature, particularly the nose, Pepper is rumored to be related to “King Of Cool” Dean Martin. To be more precise, Pepper is likely Dean Martin’s granddaughter and daughter of Ricci Martin.

Ricci is the sixth out of 8 children of Dean Martin. He was born on 20 September 1953. Following in his father’s footsteps, Ricci also established a career as a singer and songwriter.

Ricci was born during Dean’s marriage to his second wife Jeanne. He has an older brother named Dean who was born in 1951. And his parents welcomed his sister Gina in 1956. Dean and Jeanne separated after 24 years of marriage in 1973.

As for Pepper, she is the oldest daughter of Ricci, born as Pepper Jazz. In Ricci’s book That’s Amore, he stated, “For Christmas in 1993, we all gathered at Mom’s house for dinner. By now, Annie and I were living near Park City, Utah, and had just had our first daughter, Pepper Jazz”.

He added further, “Pepper was a little over a year old, and she had been hitting mom’s appetizer tray pretty hard, downing a lot of shrimp and caviar. Even at that age, she had the Martin taste”.

Ricci died at the age of 62 in 2016 at his Utah home. Besides Pepper, Ricci also has other two daughters; Montana and Rio.

Her sister Montana Martin was born in October 1995. So, she is 26 years old and currently living in Boise, Idaho. Her other sister Rio Dean Martin is also available on Instagram (@missriodeanmartin).

Claim To Fame Pepper Age

Born in December 1992, Claim To Fame Pepper is currently 29 years old.

Is Claim To Fame Pepper On IG?

Yes, Claim To Fame Pepper is on Instagram (@pepperjazzz). She has 516 followers on the platform.

Claim To Fame Pepper Job

Claim To Fame Pepper is the owner of an Airbnb in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was featured on ABC4, back in July 2021 when she achieved a coveted spot in the world of Airbnb (a platform that allows people to rent out their private space for travelers to stay). Not only became she a Superhost, but was named the most hospitable Airbnb host in Utah.

Pepper’s Private Riverfront Cabin is located in Kamas, houses up to two guests at a time, and costs $189 a night. And though it’s just a 25-minute drive to Park City and about an hour’s drive to Salt Lake City, you would never know it, Martin told “Because it’s so private and out in the mountains and you’re on the river, you feel like you’re somewhere else completely like you drove several hours or took a plane somewhere,” she says. “It doesn’t feel like you just took a quick drive”.

According to Pepper, the cottage was built in the ’90s and has a quaint, cottage-like feel. Located on the property where she grew up, she decided to purchase it and the two existing cabins in 2016. “It’s the guest house that I turned into the Airbnb, and I just kind of wanted to do that to share because it’s such a beautiful property and right on the river. So, just to be able to share that with other people since I can’t make it up there all the time to hang out,” she explains. “I just wanted to redo where I grew up so that people could enjoy it”.

Pepper stands out as Utah’s friendliest Airbnb host due to her eagerness to provide guests with special touches that enhance their experience. Once more, it all depends on the specifics. She lets interested guests sample beer and wine during the summer. There is an additional cost for this. For this, guests are welcomed to the main yard, where they are left to enjoy the refreshments.

In July 2022, Pepper also initiated a Planned Parenthood Association of Utah on GoFundMe. According to GoFundMe, “Planned Parenthood Association of Utah has a nearly 50-year history of providing confidential, high quality, accessible sexual education and reproductive health services that includes cancer screenings, birth control, abortion, and testing and treatment of STDs”.

What Is Claim To Fame Pepper Last Name?

The last name of Claim To Fame Pepper is Martin.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Claim To Fame Pepper From?

Claim To Fame Pepper hailed from Park City, Utah. She is currently based in Salt Lake City Utah.

  • Is Claim To Fame Pepper In A Relationship?

Yes, Claim To Fame Pepper is in a relationship. She celebrated her 6th Valentine with her boyfriend Tucker Shepard (@td_shepard) in February 2021. They recently appeared together in April 2022 on Tucker’s IG so they are still in a relationship with each other.

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