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Claim To Fame Kai Bio, Age, Job, IG, Famous Relative

Meet Claim To Fame Kai who was contradicting noticed for being lowkey in ABC’s show. She is one of the 12 celebrity relatives who appeared on the show. So, who is she related to? We got the answers. But, besides that learn more about his personal life.

Here we cover his real name, age, job, social media reach, and family members. So, keep on reading to learn more about him. *Major Spoilers Ahead*

Meet Kai, One Of The Contestants Of Claim To Fame

Everyone noticed that Claim To Fame Kai has been moving lowkey in the ABC show. Internet sleuths have unraveled details of a few of the cast of the show. But, Kai tends to remain so lowkey in the show that she might actually win the show. One questioned on Twitter, “Literally who are Lark and Kai??? Literally nonexistent on this show lol”.

Another added, “Is Kai gonna win ? Because she is so far under the radar you barely even see her”. By far we have two clues regarding her celebrity relative; the first is Kai’s famous relative has won a Grammy, and the second is Kai’s tactile clue is Chili.

Kevin and Frankie Jonas, the oldest and youngest of the Jonas Brothers, respectively, host the program. The final person standing will get a prize of $100,000. All 12 candidates are connected to famous people, and they compete by trying to guess each other’s, famous relatives. Every week, a contender must guess the identity of another participant, and either they or the guessee are eliminated.

So, far two contestants are out.

In a surprise turn of events, Maxwell, Chuck Norris’ grandson, was ousted from the tournament in the first episode. Participants chose Pepper to be the first guesser. She decided on Maxwell and was certain he was Steven Spielberg’s descendant. When Maxwell used a smartphone to cheat during the game, hosts Joe and Frankie Jonas were briefly removed from the camera.

Because it was against the rules, he was disqualified and sent home. However, Maxwell cheated, protecting Pepper from being removed. For episode 2, Pepper was once more chosen as the guesser. She made the choice of Michael and was right to assume that Michael was linked to Zendaya. In reality, Zendaya’s cousin is Michael.

Claim To Fame Kai Famous Relative

By far the best guess regarding Claim To Fame Kai’s famous relative is Tiffany Haddish, who won Grammy Award in 2018 for her comedy album Black Barmitzvah. She was nominated twice.

That’s good but is she related to Tiffany. It appears yes, she is. A girl who matched Kai’s physical features was seen with Tiffany at Dodger Stadium. You can click the link for the video. One viewer of the show and TikTok also commented, “Is no one watching Claim to Fame?! I am so mad that this is revealing a contestant! I had no idea 😂 @ABC Network @joejonas @Frankie Jonas“.

The TikTok was posted by (@chaddderall) who captioned the video, “Adriane!!” Tiffany Haddish was wonderful to her fans”.

So, yes, Claim To Fame Kai’s famous relative appears to be Tiffany Haddish. It is unclear what is their relationship but it seems their her Kai’s mother might be the link between them.

Claim To Fame Kai Age

Born in October 1987, Claim To Fame Kai is 34 years old.

Is Claim To Fame Kai On IG?

Yes, Claim To Fame Kai is on IG. Her IG handle is (@ladyballa1415).

Claim To Fame Kai Job

Claim To Fame Kai is a game developer by profession. She has been working at Blue Maiden Games since August 2013. She also worked at Youth Policy Institute as Enrichment Instructor. Before that, she worked at Legarza Basketball Camp as Gym Director.

Kai completed her high school at Pacific Palisades Charter High School. Standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches, she played basketball and was a four-year letter winner. She attended Santa Monica College. She was named 2007-08 All-Star Game participant. Her team won the Western State Conference for the first time in 20 years in 2008.

She then transferred to the Academy of Art University where she studied

Besides designing games, Kai is also an ABA Therapist.

Kai also has a sister named Tuesday English.

What Is Claim To Fame Kai Last Name?

The real name of Claim To Fame Kai is Jasmine English. So her last name is English. She was born to her parents Othello and Leola English in Los Angeles, California. Born in June 1953, Othello is 69 years old meanwhile her mother is 64 years old being born on 14 March 1958.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Claim To Fame Kai From?

Kai is born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Claim To Fame Kai In A Relationship?

According to her IG bio, Kai is a mother of two children.

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