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Conrad Roy III Parents: Conrad H. Roy, Jr And Lynn R. Roy

Conrad Roy III, his friend Michelle Carter and his parents are subjects of Hulu’s new drama The Girl From Plainville.

An 18-year-old teenager named Conrad Roy III from Massachusetts committed suicide in 2014. His family saw him as a smart happy kid who loved his sisters. His mother defined him as athletic, book smart, an instigator in the family. Conrad never got in trouble. He had recently earned his captain’s license and was also accepted at Fitchburg State University.

But little did they know that he was adrift. He was dealing with suicidal tendencies and social anxiety. He had stayed in a psychiatric facility because he had attempted suicide several times.

But, he had kept a secret from his family.

Conrad was communicating with his “girlfriend” Michelle Carter who he met in Florida while visiting family. The Plainville native also suffered from depression and had an eating disorder. Michelle and Conrad were intensely texting and spending time with each other.

On the day of his death, Conrad goes to the beach with his mom and younger sisters. Lynn believed that her son was optimistic but he spends most of his afternoon in the car texting someone. He tells his mom that he was going to see a friend. He drives off in his black pickup truck, the last time his family saw Conrad alive.

Who Are Conrad Roy III Parents?

Conrad Roy III often told his “girlfriend” Michelle, never speaking a word of what he was going through with any of his close ones, including his parent. Conrad Roy’s parents Conrad H. Roy Jr and Lynn R Roy were in dark about everything that was happening to him.

Conrad’s mother had admitted that their divorce was hard on him. After Michelle was served, both of his parents were working toward introducing Conrad’s law. They were trying to make suicide coercion an actual crime which serves 5 years in prison.

Conrad’s parents also sued Michelle Carter and filed a $4.2 million lawsuit for the wrongful death of their son. They alleged that Michelle acted carelessly and negligently when it came to Conrad Roy III’s death.

Meet Conrad Roy III Dad, Conrad H. Roy, Jr

Conrad H. Roy Jr. had hoped that his son Conrad Roy III would start helping him in the family marine salvage business, Tucker-Roy Marine Towing and Salvage Inc. The death of Conrad III was hard on his father. His father said that seeing his “girlfriend” Michelle brought to justice doesn’t matter to him because “Nothing’s going to bring my son back.”

He had also added, “No parent should go through this.”

Conrad Jr. had also spoken about his late son, “Conrad, he was a sweet boy that lost his way. He was just so, so happy until he became depressed.”

In June 2021, Conrad Jr. spoke with and shared that he received an expected gift in time for Father’s Day when he lost his hard hat washed ashore on a Portuguese island. He found the hat washed away 2000 miles away felt on the Azores, an archipelago off the Portuguese coast.

He read the post from a new station and knew it was his and like his son sent him a Father’s Day gift.

  • Conrad H. Roy, Jr Age

Born in 1972, Conrad H. Roy Jr. is 50 years old as of 2022. He celebrates his birthday on 24 January.

  • Conrad H. Roy, Jr Net Worth

Conrad H. Roy Jr. should have a net worth above $700 thousand.

According to LinkedIn, Conrad is the captain and director of towing at Tucker Roy Marine Towing & Salvage, Inc. The family-owned business was started in 1993. It is a multi-service marine transportation company headquartered in New Bedford, Massachusetts. With a concentration in towing and salvage, Tucker-Roy offers 24-hour assistance to customers along the entire east coast.

The main services the company provides are Marine Towing, Disposal, Salvage, Pile Driving, and Barge Rentals.

  • Is Conrad H. Roy, Jr On Instagram?

No, Conrad H. Roy Jr. is not on Instagram but has a Facebook account (@conrad.roy2).

Meet Conrad Roy III Mom, Lynn R. Roy

Speaking with PEOPLE, Conrad Roy III’s mom Lynn R Roy reflected on the last day with him on the beach. She wondered, “Why didn’t he give me a hug if he knew he was never going to see me again?”

Lynn also shared that she doesn’t think of Michelle. Lynn added, “We had to be the voice for him. So yes, I was satisfied that she was convicted.” She expressed that she wanted to make a point that her son’s life mattered which was the most important thing to her. She wished for how her son felt before Conrad died.

Lynn told PEOPLE, “He was just a vulnerable teenager that suffered from social anxiety and depression.” She talked about Hulu’s show and stated that hopefully, the show will draw attention to her work with lawmakers to make Massachusetts the 43rd state to criminalize suicide coercion.

She told, “I don’t want another family to deal with what I had to deal with.”

  • Lynn R. Roy Age

Born in December 1972, Lynn R. Roy is 49 years old.

  • Lynn R. Roy Net Worth

Lynn R. Roy should have a net worth under $400 thousand. She worked as a Registered Nurse at Elder Services, according to her LinkedIn.

  • Is Lynn R. Roy On Instagram?

No, Lynn doesn’t seem to be on Instagram but has a Facebook account (@lynn.roy.16).

Related FAQs

  • Are Conrad Roy III Parents Still Married?

No, Conrad Roy III’s parents divorced in 2011. The downward spiral in his life initiated from there. They are with their respective partners now. Their divorce is one of the reasons Conrad was dealing with depression

  • How Many Kids Do Conrad Roy III Parents Have?

Conrad Roy III’s parents had three children. He has two younger sisters Camdyn Roy (@camdyn.roy) and Morgan Roy (@morgan.roy.73). Two of the fleet in Tucker Roy Marine Towing & Salvage, Inc. are named after Camdyn and Morgan.

  • Where Do Conrad Roy III Parents Live Now?

Conrad Roy III’s parents currently live in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.

  • Who Play Conrad Roy III Parents On The Girl From Plainville?

Actress Chloe Sevigny played Conrad Roy III’s mother Lynn Roy and actor Norbert Leo Butz played his father Conrad H Roy Jr.

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