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FLDS Elissa Wall Family: Mother, Sisters, Father, Husband

FLDS Elissa Wall was born into a polygamous family who lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. She had a happy childhood with her 24 siblings. She told, “The FLDS were really good about creating a community environment. We were God’s chosen people”. As she got older, however, Elissa began to see a darker side of her faith. When she was 13, Elissa said FLDS went from being “a community to being about Warren”.

One time, her father had a physical altercation with her brother and Warren used it as “an opportunity” to deem her father “unworthy.” Then, Elissa, her mother, and her kids were separated from their father.

So, who are her family members? Below, you’ll learn about her father, mother, siblings, and husband.

Meet FLDS Elissa Wall Family Members

Elissa Wall was born to the second wife of her father Llyod Wall. On her website, she stated, “Elissa Wall was born on July 7th, 1986 at Salt Lake City, Utah the daughter of Douglas Wall and Sharon Steed, my father’s second wife. I was the 11th child for mom out of 14 and the 19th out of my dad’s 24 kids.”

Her mother was named Sharon Steed. She had 13 biological siblings and 9 half-siblings from her father’s first marriage. Growing up, she attended school at Alta Academy a church-run school where future leader Warren Jeffs was Principal.

When Elissa was 9 years old, her elder brothers and their father got into a fight and because of this Warren decided that Lloyd was not worthy of having Sharon or her children, so Sharon and her youngest children went to live with church elder Fred Jessop (who was almost 90 at the time). Soon after, though Sharon and Fred were married, Elissa was forced to call him father and go by the name Elissa Jessop.

Who Is Elissa Wall Mother?

Elissa Wall’s mother was Sharon Steed, the second wife of Lloyd L Wall. According to her daughter Rebecca Masser, although Myrna (Lloyd’s first wife) was welcoming of Sharon initially, she started getting jealous of her. It was the prophet, Rulon Jeffs, who spoke to their father during a ceremony and told him that Sharon Steed belonged to his family.

Sharon and all the children they eventually lived in Lloyd’s basement, while Myrna and other kids lived upstairs. Teresa, Elissa’s older sister, and her mother’s seventh child shared that Sharron worked tirelessly. Teresa shared that her mother cooked, cleaned, and sewed for both families.

“We were the first family’s servants,” Teressa Wall said. She shared that her nose was bloodied and her jaw bruised in the course of standing up for her mother and siblings to the first wife. “It made me so mad, the way they treated her,” says Teressa, “the way they treated all of us.”

Sharon feared for Teressa’s soul and begged her to discuss her future with FLDS head Rulon Jeffs (the stern, bespectacled FLDS “prophet” and Warren’s father, who used to be the organization’s accountant).

Sharon Steed was still inside the compound when her sister Rebecca left. After getting a job, Rebecca called her mother. She was anxious to share with her what she was learning in life and through books. Rebecca shared her mother’s reaction, “While she was glad to know I was safe, she told me I was trading my salvation for material goods”.

Who Is Elissa Wall Father?

Elissa Wall’s father is Lloyd L Wall. Her father was previously married to his high school sweetheart Myrna Wall. He wasn’t born into the FLDS church but at the time of the conversion, he and Myrna had five children. In Netflix’s show, Myrna revealed that she wasn’t okay with sharing her husband with another woman.

Eventually, Lloyd fathered nine children with his wife Myrna.

In the show, Lloyd talked about disagreeing with Warren on many things and not liking his abuse of the position he held. It was believed that Lloyd had lost control of his family, and as a result, Sharon and the kids were taken away from him. His second wife and kids were assigned to another man named Fred Jessop.

Lloyd, who worked as an engineer, lost his job and his status within the church.

Elissa’s father left the church with his first wife Myrna. His two daughters from his second marriage, Rebecca and Elissa testified against Warren in court. Lloyd married third and became the father of 24 children. He and Myrna are into their retirements and living in La Verkin, Utah.

When Elissa’s sister released her book, Lloyd released his own book titled Truth Matters: A Father’s Rebuttal of “The Witness Wore Red”.

What Do We Know About Elissa Wall Sister?

Elissa Wall was living in Colorado when her step-father promised Elissa to Allen Steed, a first cousin. She told Teressa, she wasn’t ready for sex and babies, especially not with her cousin. “You’ve got to stand up for yourself, Lisie,” Teressa insisted. But Elissa was too young and scared. Despite Teressa’s passionate efforts to rally her sisters and even her mother to stop the marriage, the brethren yanked Elissa out of the eighth grade.

Her Teressa left FLDS in 2005 at the age of 25. Likewise, her sister Becky, a plural wife of the wizened Rulon, had quit the group in 2002, at age 26. Their brother had already left FLDS and managed to escape the community providing something of an emotional and logistical path for the sisters.

Elissa and her two sisters focused themselves on their two teenage sisters who would surely be forced into marriage soon if no one intervened. The three sisters were desperate to protect them, Elissa overcame her fear of government and law enforcement long enough to contact a lawyer about what had happened to her; soon after, the Utah attorney general’s office got involved. Warren Jeffs was charged with rape as an accomplice, a first-degree felony.

Elissa, who released a memoir Stolen Innocence, said that she would not have been able to confront Warren Jeffs had it not been for Teressa’s flinty belief in justice and her encouragement that Elissa heeds the voice inside her.

Elissa also has a sister named Rebecca Musser who married her husband Ben Musser with whom he shared two children.

Does Elissa Wall Have A Husband?

Jeffs forcefully married Elissa Wall to Allen Glade Steed, son of her mother’s brother in April 2001. Teressa, her sister, explained that people decorated their marriage bed with cookies as if to acknowledge that she was still a child. Elissa spend the next three years trying to get out of the marriage, getting raped, and having several miscarriages.

Allen regularly forced himself upon Elissa was such a perversion, such an affront, it eventually galvanized Elissa, in 2004, to leave the FLDS group for good. Elissa was 18-year-old at the time. When she was 17 though things changed. That was when she met Lemont Barlow who was a former FLDS member.

Soon they were in love and after she became pregnant with their first child she was granted a “release” or divorce from Allen. They divorced in December 2005.

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  • Where Does FLDS Elissa Wall Family Live Today?

FLDS Elissa Wall’s sisters who are out of the church, are leading their lives on their own terms. Meanwhile, her mother and a few of her other siblings are still associated with the church.

  • Is FLDS Elissa Wall Family Close?

The three sisters; Elissa Wall, Rebecca Musser, and Teressa are reportedly very close to each other.

  • Does FLDS Elissa Wall Family Appear On Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey?

FLDS Elissa Wall’s sister Rebecca appeared on Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey.

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