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Fotis Geranios Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Hot Yachts

A new reality show called Hot Yachts Miami dropped on Paramount+ on 3 August 2023 and introduced to viewers a whole bunch of party-loving, glamorous people. Appearing in the show about the world of Florida’s superyacht market also is Fotis Geranios. In the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all that is worth knowing about him.

Fotis Geranios On Hot Yachts: Miami

The eight-part series introduces viewers to some memorable characters. Though at the center of it are rivals, Nick Cardoza and Katya Hall, there also are Viktoriya Avramchuk, known as Vika, one chink in Katya’s armor, Kaile, and Fotis.

So, at the time, their story played out on Hot Yachts: Miami, Vika had been working for Katya for 18 months, and Fotis, Vika’s camp colleague continued overseeing affairs as the Head of Charter Management.

On the show, viewers will be seeing Fotis receiving all kinds of crazy demands from charter guests. He gushes that since being in the yacht sales industry since 2007, he has heard every kind of request.

Another forte of Fotis when on board would be enjoying all the drama taking place. Especially on this sail on Hot Yachts: Miami, he puts enough of his own grind to bring Vika and Kaile together so he can watch the “fur fly”. Fotis has always loved to gossip with his fellow yacht brokers. When doing that, he even does not mind causing controversy.

Also, Fotis, admits to being good friends with Katya, the “Queen of Super Yachts”. On cameras, he even promised to never steal clients from her. He is aware that theirs a cut-throat industry, where brokers steal clients from each other all the time. He just finds it a bad behavior to do it himself.

How Much Is Fotis Geranios Net Worth?

Fotis Geranios, whose rentals cost between £25,000 and £350,000 a week, managed to amass above $10 million net worth as of 2023.

Over the course, Fotis has had a huge number of A-list clients, although he has said he can not give names because of the non-disclosure agreement. Once he had a charter with a very famous singer who was on board with her personal trainer, make-up artists, two dogs, hair stylists, and nutritionist, but no friends and family.

Fotis values his job and is driven by success. He leases roughly 80 yachts a year, and the money he makes annually is enough to purchase a house and a car. Yet, at times, he finds the constant travel and being on call to clients 24/7 to be exhausting.

Fotis Geranios Family

Not much is understood about Fotis’s family thus far. The only few things known were about his mother, Stefania Daradimou-Geraniou. On her Facebook, where she often also mentioned Fotis, the matriarch mentioned originally coming from Athens, Greece, and about now being a Loútsa, Greece dweller.

Is Fotis Geranios Married Or Dating?

As of August 2023, Emma Lee Young’s dating/relationship status was not understood at all. At least he did not seem to have gotten married already.

In fact, he also kind of seemed to be single. Or maybe he on purpose liked to project so on social media.

Fotis Geranios Age

Fotis Geranios turned 42 years old in 2023. However, he looks no more than someone in his mid-thirties. Wishing Fotis his birthday once, his mother gushed on a social media post that the day her “child” was born it was Monday then and the year was 1981. She also explained how she gave birth to him in a certain maternity ward and then had their first hug as they watched Jesus of Nazareth on TV for the second time maybe the third time.

Fotis Geranios Height

It seems Fotis Geranios really likes the way he looks and stands at a height of around 5’10”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Fotis Geranios From?

Fotis Geranios originally hails from Athens, Greece. As of 2023 though he had been living in Miami. He has also talked about the island of Mykonos in Greece being his second home. Also, he has traveled all around the globe either to discover new destinations or to visit his all-time favorite ones. He believes that just every little corner of the world has a potential for chartering.

It is not in the United States, but in Greece that Fotis truly developed his passion for the tourism industry.

Back in 2007, Fotis entered the yachting industry, first as a Fleet Manager and then as a Junior Charter Manager. It is since 2015 he held the position of Head of Charter Management at IYC Greece.

Fotis has traveled all around the globe either to discover new destinations or to visit his all-time favorite ones. For Fotis, every little corner of the world has a potential for chartering.

  • When Is Fotis Geranios Birthday?

Fotis Geranios celebrates his birthday on April 20th and that makes him a Taurus.

  • Is Fotis Geranios On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Fotis Geranios can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 8 August 2023, his IG @photiosing included 313 posts and 1,998 followers. And here on ‘Fotis Geranios’ Facebook he mostly showed people glimpses of his life as a world traveler and yacht professional.

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