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Nick Cardoza Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Hot Yachts Miami

Forbes dubbed Nick Cardoza the Yacht Go-To Guy in 2021. 2 Years later, he was one of the stars of the reality show titled Hot Yachts Miami.

For detailed info about Nick’s age, net worth, and marital status, keep on reading!

Nick Cardoza On Hot Yacths Miami

Hot Yachts Miami welcomes fans on board the most luxurious boats on the planet and into the world of the people who sell them. But life as a yacht broker is anything but plain sailing.

The reality series sees party-loving sales crew members competing to sell or charter luxury vessels. With an eye-watering commission of between 10 and 15%, one deal can land a broker millions. In other words, ruthless competition is the name of the game.

Premiered on Paramount+ on 3 August 2023, Hot Yachts Miami stars Vika Avramchuk, Fotis Geranios, Jack Coppola, Katya Hall, Nick Cardoza, Liliana Lopez, Kaile Justine, and Juno Prudhomm.

Ahead of the premiere, Nick spoke to Daily Star and opened up about stealing clients from fellow brokers. He said, “[I would] only under extenuating circumstances. I reserve that tactic for when other brokers p*** me off or don’t play nice. It’s like, the lion doesn’t eat the hyenas unless they p*** him off enough, then it’s all out war. I recently had a broker cut me out of a deal so I called the owner of every listing and gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse to give me their listing. I’ll broker a yacht for free just to f*** you back. Don’t play with me.”

Nick Cardoza Net Worth

Nick Cardoza, if one were to believe online reports, owns a net worth of more than $25 million. He is the president of Cardoza Yachts LLC. Based in Miami Beach, Florida, Cardoza Yachts LLC, the yacht brokerage company focused on building a business with yachts. (fisheries) The company’s motto is — Buy, Charter, Earn.

Nicknamed Mr. Yachts by his friends because of his obsession with yachts, Nick is a discreet individual. When asked about his most expensive sale to date in 2023, he refrained from giving details. However, he said, “It had a lot of features. It wasn’t just me selling it, there were other people involved. A lot of these deals are put together by a lot of different brokers at once. It was a lot. We had two tenders in the boat, and we had a helicopter pad but no helicopter – we left that for somebody else. And one swimming pool, one large Jacuzzi; a lot of technology inside like automatic doors and a spa. But that’s as far as I’ll say!”

What’s more, Nick doesn’t care about having a bad reputation because he believes he is simply better than them. Admittedly, he focuses solely on his business.

Back in 2020, Nick joined Merle Wood & Associates as a broker to assist clients with yacht sales, charters, and new construction. Upon his appointment, he expressed, “Joining an internationally recognized brokerage such as Merle Wood & Associates allows me to serve my clients in the best way possible, and I’m looking forward to expanding my reach globally in the luxury yacht market.”

A member of the International Yacht Brokers Association, Nick has enjoyed stints at VanDutch, Ferretti Group South America, HMY, and Allied Marine. While VanDutch, he also co-founded a tech startup.

Nick attended culinary school in New York and Europe. He later worked on motor and sailing yachts in various positions including a chef, deckhand, and captain. He then moved to South Florida to work as a fleet/corporate captain for yacht brokerages and yacht companies. In the meantime, he provided yacht management services for owners.

Begin with yourself, When you are starting a company think of it as a lifestyle, Believe in your product, and Think of partnerships are the 5 tips Nick shared with Forbes to get their ideas heard.

Nick Cardoza Age

Born Nicholas George Cardoza, he turned 38 years old in 2023. 1985, therefore, is his birth year.

Nick Cardoza Height

Many believe Nick Cardoza’s amazing personality and confidence compensate for his less than 5’8” stature.

Nick Cardoza Family

Richard Cardoza is the father of Nick Cardoza. According to Richard, he taught his son that traveling to exotic places was the best way to excite and/or soothe the soul.

A native of Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Richard was born to his parents Richard P Cardoza and Martha “Marty” (George) Cardoza. He grew up alongside two siblings — Leslie Bell and Lorrie Cardoza — and multiple step-siblings.

66 years old as of 2023, Richard is sourcing high-pedigree wines for select US retailers at Sybaritic Selections. He is a Former Founder of Cannavino Wine and a former owner at Cork Wine and Tapas, Top Shelf Beverage Catering, Cardoza’s Wine & Spirits, and Things from the Sea.

Jane Perry Cardoza, who turned 61 in 2022, is Nick’s stepmother. A graduate of Bristol Community College and UMass Dartmouth, she hails from Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Nick Cardoza has 2 siblings named Jay (aka Hallie) and Mitchell. Jay is an Owner and Founder at KING COAST. Meanwhile, Mitchell is a Musician. While Mitchell resides in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Jay is now a resident of San Diego, California.

Nick’s biological mother is reportedly named Deborah Cox. Deborah is age 59 currently being born in 1964. She appears to be residing in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Is Nick Cardoza Married?

No, he isn’t married. However, Nick Cardoza is in a relationship since April 1, 2021. His partner/girlfriend is no other than Tori Holbrook. Tori lovingly calls him hunny.

Tori first appeared on Nick’s Instagram in 2022. Meanwhile, Nick is yet to make an appearance on his girlfriend’s Instagram.

A fashion model by trade, Tori is represented by O Models, LRJ Management, and The Salt Agency. She is available on Instagram as well as TikTok.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nick Cardoza Birthday?

Nick Cardoza is a Pisces, whose birthday falls on 7th March.

On Nick’s 37th birthday, his father, Richard wished, “Happy Birthday to my firstborn Nicholas Cardoza! Through the years. Party on Nick! I Love you!”

  • Where Is Nick Cardoza From?

According to his Facebook, Nick Cardoza currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida. He originally hails from the southeast coast of New England.

Did You Know: Nick is trilingual and speaks English, Spanish, and Italian fluently.

  • Is Nick Cardoza On Instagram And Facebook?

Nick Cardoza joined Instagram in November 2019. However, he wouldn’t receive the verification from the platform until July 2023.

Reach out to him on Facebook Nicholas Cardoza as well as YouTube Mr.Yachts.


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