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Laura Bileskalne Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Below Deck

Below Deck Down Under is another spin-off of the popular Bravo series, focusing on an Australian super yacht and its “complicated” dubbed crew. Its Season 2 just dropped on Peacock on 17 July 2023 and featured Captain Jason Chambers and chief stew Aesha Scott with a new crew of yachties, cruising around Cairns, Australia. Laura Bileskalne, who we are going to talk about now, is one of the new faces in the series.

Laura believes they don’t have much time in the water and also there is not a luxurious life for them as others think of them. She decided to go in a Below Deck series to tell viewers just that and more.

We, meanwhile, are about to tell you everything about her that is worth knowing.

Meet Laura Bileskalne, Stew On Below Deck Down Under Season 2

This spin-off of the popular Below Deck borrows the original’s premise and “takes it down under”. The series follows the crew of an Australian super-yacht as they sail through their charter season, delving into different waters.

So, Laura is one of the stews and comparatively newer to the yachting industry than most of her coworkers. She got into the matching business when one fine day while enjoying with a dear friend of hers at the Little Beach House in Garaf she got a call from a yachting recruitment agency. She accepted the offer of course and looking back she thinks that day her life changed for good.

Since then, she has had over three years of good time doing things that she loves the most while sailing around the world.

Joining Laura on Below Deck‘s journey also were new crew members Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph, Bosun Luke Jones, Deckhands Adam Kodra and Harry Van Vliet, and Stews Laura Bileskalne and Margot Sisson.

How Much Is Laura Bileskalne Net Worth?

Laura Bileskalne reportedly had above $150K net worth as of July 2023.

If you also need to get a hint at Laura’s Below Deck salary, a deckhand, like him, is found to be usually making around $3,500-$4,500 a month.

On LinkedIn, Laura goes around as an interpersonal professional with years of experience in sales within the event industry, outstanding communication skills, and the ability to establish long-term business relationships.

To put it simply, Laura has been working as an event planner, hostess, and independent business owner of 1 Table Restaurant. So, the said restaurant is the very first “1 Table restaurant” in Barcelona and is claimed to be the top chosen destination for travelers all around the world. It came into existence in May 2018.

Laura has been working at Superyachts as a chef and chief stew since 6 June 2020. She also has not stopped going to her work (as events and experience manager) at Atelier Tramontana in Barcelona Area, Spain since December 2018.

Also, the last time she went to college was between 2011 and 2014, when he studied Marketing and Sales at IBA International Business Academy, Kolding.

Laura Bileskalne Age

Laura Bileskalne was born in 1992. So, she reached the age of 31 in 2023.

Who Are Laura Bileskalne Parents?

Laura’s mother is Evija Bileskalne and she looks exactly the same as her. Though not much is known about Evija or her husband (Laura’s dad), the two are most likely very fond of their daughter and she of them.

In her family, Laura also has two beautiful and look-alike sisters. One of them is much younger than Laura and her other sister.

Laura Bileskalne Boyfriend

On her Facebook, as of July 2023, Laura Bileskalne marked her relationship status as being ‘in a relationship’. The man in her life appears to be Filip Nielsen. Or maybe the two are no longer together.

By the look of social media, Filip was/is not anymore her boyfriend only. They most likely also got engaged in July 2017.

Laura has certainly featured Filip more than once on her social media. But, still, she did not do it frequently.

Skødstrup, Arhus, Denmark-born Filip seemed to be residing in Aarhus, Denmark as of 2023. Also what we know is, he went to Griffith University Gold Coast in the Class of 2016.

So, as of now, it was not understood if Filip is still Laura’s boyfriend or her ex-boyfriend. Filip kind of stopped appearing on Laura’s social media as of late 2018.

Laura Bileskalne Height

Beautiful Laura Bileskalne stands around 5 feet and 5 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Laura Bileskalne Birthday?

Laura Bileskalne’s birthday is on May 15th and that makes her a Taurus.

  • What Is Laura Bileskalne Nationality?

Laura Bileskalne is a Latvian. She was born and brought up in Riga, Latvia. Riga is the capital city of Latvia, set on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the River Daugava. And if you don’t know, Latvia is a country in Europe.

From Riga, Laura moved to Aarhus, Denmark in 2016. As of 2023 though, she had been calling Barcelona, Spain home.

  • Is Laura Bileskalne On Instagram?

Yes. Laura Bileskalne can be found on Instagram. As of 23 July 2023, her IG @lbilene included 878 posts and 2,642 followers.

Laura has also shown glimpses of her life on Facebook. She is pretty active on both of these platforms. And her sharing here, among other things, makes her love for traveling, wine, food, and flowers apparent.

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