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Jesse Castillo Bio, Sarah Forgany Husband, Age, Job

Jesse Castillo is the husband of KENS 5 journalist Sarah Forgany. Born Sarah N Elsharkawi in Cairo, Egypt in 1977, Sarah is 46 years old. She is the daughter of Adel Elsharkawi and has two sisters: Marwa Elsharkawi (46 years old) and Menatalla Elsharkawi (37 years old).

From a young age, Sarah was enthusiastic about journalism and telling stories. She graduated from the University of Houston after living there for the majority of her life. With KTRK ABC13 Houston, Forgany began her professional career in 2002. There, she gained experience in everything from production to editing and reporting. After that, she worked for KLFY News 10 in Lafayette, Louisiana, and News 24 Houston.

In a Facebook post shared on March 11, Forgany revealed that she was taken to the ER in an Italian hospital and stayed there for a few days. The anchor has now returned to the U.S. to continue her treatment. Moreover, the reason behind her hospitalization has yet to be revealed.

“Unfortunately, I had to cut my vacation short & fly back to the U.S. to be admitted to a hospital here. I’m Thankful for the Italian hospital & Doctors who got me through some dark days but I’m so glad I was able to return to the U.S. asap to continue my treatment here,” Sarah stated.

Learn about her husband in this article below.

Meet Jesse Castillo, Sarah Forgany Husband

When Sarah Forgany, a KENS 5 anchor, and her new husband Jesse Castillo said “I do” in January 2019, it seemed like a fairy tale come true. According to Sarah, it all began with a charming marriage proposal. His planned proposal fell through due to her early morning work schedule, so he came up with a replacement.

“He surprised me at my home. I was in my PJs, half asleep when he knocked on the door. When I opened, he was dressed up in a nice suit holding roses and a diamond ring,” Sarah told My San Antonio. “Of course, I knew what he was doing and started crying. He took my hands, got on one knee, and after some heartfelt words he asked me to be his wife.”

The couple wedded soon after the proposal, taking only a few weeks to do so. The procedure was just as rapid when Sarah went to select her wedding dress, which astounded everyone in the bridal shop.

“I walked in and everyone at the store thought I had the wrong date because it was just weeks away. They told me they can’t order a dress that soon. I said no worries, I’ll see what you have on the rack,” Sarah revealed to the outlet. “I was in and out, in one hour with a dress.” All the adjustments were made by the anchor’s mother, who made the gown absolutely stunning.

There were only 24 guests for the beach wedding for the couple in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Forgany’s dream site had finally come true.

“I always wanted a beach wedding. Fort Lauderdale had great weather and great beaches,” she said.

The newlyweds traveled to Iceland for their two-week honeymoon before flying to East Africa’s Uganda and Rwanda. The pair traveled around Iceland for a few days.

“We are huge Game of Thrones fans so we visited some of the locations where the show is filmed. We went glacier hiking at Vatnajökull National Park, one of Europe’s largest glaciers, and went inside naturally formed Blue Ice Caves. It was magical,” Sarah said.

The pair then took a flight to Uganda, where Forgany claimed they were going to fulfill a lifelong goal and view the endangered Mountain Gorillas in the wild. Only three nations allow for it. The newlyweds’ adventures kept going.

“We hiked in the jungle of Africa at Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest for more than five hours. We came face to face with a gorilla family of 11 including a silverback,” Sarah added further. “It was truly an absolutely incredible experience.” The couple concluded their honeymoon in Rwanda.

On their third anniversary, Sarah wrote, “3 years ago Today #I❤️U Awesome photography by @mission_possible_sa.”

Sarah shared that she used her Valentine’s Day gift from her hubby. She watched her baby in 3D/4D. She added in the post, “For the first time since my pregnancy, I was not alone! My husband was by my side … able to join me to see our baby together. It brought me to tears when he gave me this gift.”

Jesse is nothing but supportive of Sarah’s journalism career. During the time of COVID, Jesse helped her set up a home studio to Anchor the news.

Sarah Forgany And Jesse Castillo Kids

Sarah Forgany and Jesse Castillo share one daughter from their marriage. She gave glimpses of her pregnancy journey on her Instagram. The married couple welcomed their daughter Bella on 1 May 2021. But giving birth to her daughter was quite an ordeal for her.

“On a stormy day at 8 a.m., I went to the hospital. My doctor said induction is an all-day process and I will probably deliver in the evening. I thought I had the perfect plan of getting the epidural, but it didn’t quite go that way,” Sarah revealed about her experience on My San Antonio.

After being induced, she had significant discomfort very immediately. “I found out there was only one anesthesiologist available and that doctor was stuck in surgery,” she added. “At that point, all I could do was just squeeze my husband’s hands and pray for God to help me. Within 2 hours, I was ready to give birth and didn’t get the epidural until I was almost pushing out the baby.”

Sarah told the outlet the pain was excruciating, but it was the most powerful and spiritual thing she had ever experienced. “Once I saw her and held her and it was all worth it. I cried and thought to myself, ‘I can’t believe I waited all those years to have her.'”

The San Antonio TV anchor and her husband, welcomed their daughter Bella at 2:30 p.m. weighing 6 and a half pounds, and 18 and a half inches long.

Sarah also discussed the challenges of being a mom. “I think the most challenging part of being a new mom is that I never knew I had so many fears,” she says. “It’s always something. Is she pooping enough Is she breathing ok? Is she moving OK? Am I pumping enough milk? Why isn’t she eating enough?”

However, she had her husband Jesse to help him all the way during this period. On National Daughter’s Day, Sarah wrote, “Never thought I’d be celebrating this day #nationaldaughtersday .. but here I am and still in disbelief every day that I’m finally a Mom. This little girl came into my world 5 months ago and turned it upside down. My heart melts with every smile and fills up with love with every touch. Bella you are the light of my life. I pray for many more beautiful years with you. #mama #momdaughter.”

Bella is 2 years old as of June 2023.

Jesse Castillo Age

Born in September 1976, Jesse Castillo is 46 years old.

Jesse Castillo Job

It is unclear what Jesse Castillo does for a living.

Is Jesse Castillo On Instagram?

No, Jesse Castillo is not on Instagram. But, he has appeared on his wife’s socials IG, FB, and Twitter.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jesse Castillo From?

Jesse Castillo hailed from Helotes, Texas.

  • When Is Jesse Castillo Birthday?

Furthermore, Jesse Castillo’s birthday is in September.

  • How Tall Is Jesse Castillo?

Jesse Castillo stands tall above height of 5 feet 10 inches.

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