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John Clifford Floyd Bio, Fani Willis Father, Age, Job

John Clifford Floyd is the father of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Who was he? What did he do as a job? How old is he now? Where is he from?

Read all about him in this article below.

Meet John Clifford Floyd, Fani Willis Father

Fani Willis’s father is named John Clifford Floyd who paved her path towards the courtroom. Born in Inglewood, California she would go along with her father to the court on Saturday mornings.

Fani claimed that the elderly white man judge who presided over the Saturday courtroom had a reputation for being cruel. However, he made her, who was too young to be at home by herself or to hear the topics her father had to share with clients, sit next to him on the raised dais each week as the two conversed in whispers.

John once inquired as to what on earth they discussed. “I said, ‘He’s asking me, Should they go home or should they go to the back?’ ” Fani told Times.

The judge questioned Fani about her career goals one day after court. He advised her that before becoming a judge, she would need to become a lawyer, who reads extensively and explains the law. He knew she could read because Fani had told him so.

John made the announcement that his funds will cover a historically black institution or university (HBCU) when it came time for college. She chose Howard University, the institution from which Kamala Harris, a future vice president and prosecutor, also graduated. Willis departed Atlanta with recollections of Freaknik, an annual Atlanta spring break event that is primarily attended by HBCU students. Emory University’s law school is still a top-ranking, prominent school, therefore Willis ended up in Georgia after graduation.

After six weeks as a district attorney, Fani T. Willis is taking on a former president.

And not just that. In an interview about her newly announced criminal investigation into election interference in Georgia, Ms. Willis, the district attorney of Fulton County, made it clear that the scope of her inquiry would encompass the pressure campaign on state officials by former President Donald J. Trump as well as the activities of his allies.

“My dad was a single father that raised me,” she said.

Is John Clifford Floyd Married?

John Clifford Floyd had Fani from his first marriage/relationship. But neither John nor Fani shared anything about who the latter’s mother was. But in 1989, John married his late wife Delores Floyd. The two enjoyed exploring new places and had numerous trips abroad. The pair visited Africa, France, and England. They also traveled cross-country by car, from California to Washington, D.C.

Delores was born on 29 May 1939 and passed away due to complications from a brain tumor on 7 June 2012. She attended the district’s public schools and earned her high school diploma from Cardozo Senior High School in 1956. Later, she graduated from D.C. Teachers College, realizing a lifetime ambition to teach elementary school.

In 1957, Delores joined the sorority Delta Sigma Theta while still a student. She later enrolled at George Washington University and earned a master’s degree in elementary education there. She was a classroom teacher at Charles Drew Elementary for her first teaching position.

Before marrying John, she tied the knot with her first husband Bobby Sumner on 27 February 1960.

How Many Kids Does John Clifford Floyd Have?

John Clifford Floyd didn’t share any children with his first partner, besides his daughter Fani Willis. However, he had two step children Mr. Bobby Sumner, Jr. (Diane) and Ms. Julie Sumner.

John Clifford Floyd Age

Born in October 1943, John Clifford Floyd is 79 years old.

John Clifford Floyd Job

John Clifford Floyd is a longtime civil rights activist and celebrated defense lawyer in Washington, DC. He was also a member of the Black Panthers in Los Angeles. That was before he went to law school but kind of post-college.

John was arrested “so many times that he couldn’t even tell you … He could tell you the states but not how many times.”

He told Fani when he was taking the bar that one of the questions they asked was that “Have you ever been arrested before?” He said, “Yeah, but I don’t, you know, want to lie on this application. So, I’ll just tell you these are the states, you’ll have to research them.”

But the thing about John’s experience that touched her so much was John talked about being a very young man being arrested all of those times. That it was always white lawyers that would come to get them out of jail. That there were really no black lawyers that the movement would call to help them.

John never spoke negatively about the individuals who detained him, but rather about the goodness of the attorneys who would come to their aid. She reasoned that this lesson about everyone having some dignity applied. Those white attorneys valued him and his peers. They had confidence in their actions. And that’s what ultimately inspired John to leave the movement, quit his job as a college professor, and enroll in law school.

In recent years, John and his wife, who shared a passion for politics, hosted or took part in a number of campaigns and fund-raising activities.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does John Clifford Floyd Reside?

John Clifford Floyd lives in Washington D.C.

  • When Is John Clifford Floyd Birthday?

John Clifford Floyd celebrated his birthday in October.

  • Is John Clifford Floyd On Instagram?

No, John Floyd is not on Instagram.

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