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Jaimee Neale Bio, Age, Dating, Family, Height, Below Deck

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 sees as its other seasons see crew head for some turbulent waters. Captain Jason had promised it to be dramatic and emotional and it already looks like he was telling the truth. Midway through the season, viewers have already been surprised by two employees kicked off the boat. From there it was supposed to be smooth sailing with the newbies’ arrival. Jaimee Neale, who we shall discuss now, is one of the new crew members. Keep reading and discover all that is worth knowing about him.

Jaimee Neale On Below Deck

Below Deck in 2023 waved goodbye to Laura Bileskalne and Luke Jones in S02E07. Following this, Jaimee Neale replacing Laura took over the second stewardess role. Laura’s persistent advances towards deckhand Adam Kodra and highly offensive and inappropriate comments on Luke Jones’s sexual assault of stew Margot Sisson were the reasons Captain Jason Chambers thought of terminating her job.

Also joining Jaimee as a newcomer on the Northern Sun were Margot Sisson and Aesha.

Ever since many fans have taken to Twitter to comment their initial thoughts on Jamiee following her arrival on the show. One of them wrote “I think the guys are going to like Jaimee! She’s cute and seems sweet!” To another, Jaimee seemed great for the boat, and trouble for the deck team.

How Much Is Jaimee Neale’s Net Worth?

Jaimee Neale reportedly had less than $300K net worth as of 2023.

Second and third stews on Below Deck are believed to make approximately $5,000 a month, and up to $50,000 per charter season if they move from boat to boat. So, Jaimee also should be making somewhere around that money from the show.

With Below Deck, Jaimee talked about having a year of prior experience working as a chief stew. Other than that, she has been in the yachting industry for about six years. Her first boat, she recalled, was an adventure boat with all the hiking, fishing, and helicopter rides. During Episode 9, she was also seen telling Aesha that she is a team player as well. “I’m fine with cleaning, love laundry, love table decorations”, Jaimee informed to the chief stew on the episode.

In addition to that, Jaimee seemed to be pursuing modeling as well. Yet, we don’t know the detail of it as of now.

On social media, Jaimee has documented several glimpses of her carving beautiful drawing on wooden boards. However, there was no way for us to know if she has also been doing this professionally. In one of these clips posted on IG, she once captioned “Not great, not terrible, but I was severely hungover ok.”

Is Jaimee Neale Dating Anyone?

It is not understood if Jaimee Neale was already dating someone before going to Below Deck.

On the show though, she was seen grabbing the attention of a lot of the male crew. In a preview, Jaimee also was seen being told to back off of Chef Tzarina’s man Culver Bradbury. But then, deckhand Culver Bradbury himself seemed forgetful about his boatmance with the chef upon seeing the new stew. He gives Jaimee a shell and she comments to the other girls about how she thinks Culver is nice. Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott informs her that Culver is dating Tzarina. Later on in the show, a new deckhand also tries his luck with Jaimee.

Jaimee Neale Age

In 2023, Jaimee Neale, a self-proclaimed former tomboy, turned 27 years old.

Jaimee Neale Family

Jaimee’s mother is Nicole Neale a former Geraldton Senior High School alum. As of now, she seemed to be still married to Jaimee’s father Geoff Neale. Geraldton, Western Australia. They both are from Geraldton, Western Australia, and were also based there as of 2023. What’s more, these two seem to have been highschool school sweethearts as they both went to the same one. In fact, one of their father, i.e., Robert Bandy also attended Geraldton Senior High School. Not long ago, i.e., on 7 February 2014, Robert got married, maybe again.

Further, in her family, Jaimee also has a brother named Corey Neale. Corey, on IG @coreyneale, unlike everyone, studied at Nagle Catholic College. He continued to live in Geraldton, Western Australia as of 2023.

Jaimee Neale Height

As pretty as in the picture-looking Jaimee Neale stands below 5’4” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jaimee Neale’s Birthday?

Jaimee Neale’s birthday is on March 25th making her an Aries, a sign that is known for being bold, energetic, full of vitality, charismatic, fun, lively, and passionate.

  • Where Is Jaimee Neale From?

Jaimee Neale originally hails from the southwest of Australia. She should have been born and brought up in Geraldton, Western Australia.

  • Is Jaimee Neale On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Jaimee Neale was on Instagram and Facebook as of 16 August 2023. Her IG @jaimeeneale included 132 posts and 6,863 followers. She also showed glimpses of her life on ‘Jaimee Neale’ Facebook.

One is also able to give her a follow on TikTok @jaimeeneale8.

Judging by her pictures and reels here, one can tell that Jaimee has caught the travel bug big time. She has posed in scenic places all around the world including Bali, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

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