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Kim Ye-hyun Bio, Age, Dating, Height, Physical 100

Kim Ye-hyun is one of a gem of a competitor on the brand new Squid Game-style reality show, Physical 100. Premiered on 24 January 2023, the Netflix show sees many individuals including the Olympic gold winners, YouTube fitness stars, arm wrestling champs, bodybuilders, and others with enviable physiques taking part in the tough competition.

Because Kim Ye-hyun is one of them, we shall now discuss him in this writing called Kim Ye-hyun Bio’.

Kim Ye-hyun On Netflix’s Physical 100

Episode 1 of Physical 100 saw 100 fitness fanatics of all shapes and sizes come to one place and get acquainted with one another in a room filled with casts of their torsos.

Park Joo-chang, like everyone, has been really excited about his fierce journey on the game show. He has been promoting his going there, on social media, for a while now. In enthusiasm, he even did a “Netflix Physical 100 Episode 1-2 cast review (feat. Found an old friend)” video, which he posted on his so far 5.09K subscribers including his YouTube channel.

So, amid Physical: 100‘s process of taking over Netflix, Kim also found himself a never-before anticipated kind of fame. He is one of the only luckiest of the 100 contestants, who were able to draw attention for his resemblance to not one but two K-Pop idols.

Netizens have approved that he looks a lot like Felix with a bit of Changbin. Of course, a good number also noticed his resemblance to ATEEZ’s San.

Kim is joined on this journey by a glimmering set of people including fellow fitness YouTubers/bodybuilders, medalists from Olympic and other Asian Games, weightlifters, stunt people, fitness coaches, wrestlers, trainers, athletes, fire squad workers, police officers, soldiers, MMA fighters, and Cha Hyun Seung, a former participant from Single’s Inferno.

Is Kim Ye-hyun Dating Anyone?

It does not appear so.

Late in 2022, Kim made a video titled “No girlfriend 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻 You have a son instead?… l Feat. Doppelganger son👶🏻” on his YouTube and confirmed that he is actually single and his alleged son is not son and but his nephew. Yet, he gushed that his “one and only nephew” besides being so cute is his doppelganger.

So, by the time of this writing, Kim’s relationship status was unclear. If he had been dating anyone since filming the Physical 100, he did not reveal this. Also, not even his social media could tell us about his present or past love affairs, or girlfriends.

Kim Ye-hyun Age

Kim Ye-hyun was born in 1993. So, he turned 29 years old in 2023.

Kim Ye-hyun Height

In 2019, as a 26 years old, Kim Ye-hyun stood 1.74 meters tall in height and weighed on average 72kg.

Immensely good-looking and a perfect description of “built like a brick shithouse”, Kim is into doing cardio exercise and weight training 2 hours each, daily.

Even his leisure includes musicals, plays, and movies.

What Job Does Kim Ye-hyun Do For A Living?

Professionally is a bodybuilder and CEO of FIT & HILL and it is no more a secret now.

What’s more, Kim is also already landed success as a trainer and sports model.

Back in October 2020, during a interview, he opened up about being a fencer since he was at school and now working as a personal trainer and sports model. As for his future goals, he said they are to take care of more bodies of others and become a natural sports model through many activities as a sports entertainer.

What we also came to know is the fact that Kim took part in the “Mister International Korea 2019” contestant no 16. He, however, did not win any of its titles. Even so, the coming years saw him win many trophies, and of even great significance.

On his social media BIO, Kim also mentioned going to Korea National Sports University as a Sports Rehabilitation major.

Kim Ye-hyun Family

It appears Kim Ye-hyun is really fond of his family.

He often shows off his parents to his people on social media. And when he does that people often comment in these pictures that his parents are “so young”.

In July 2021, Kim gifted his mother a beautiful elite car on Mother’s Day and said that it is nothing compared to what his parents did for him. In his mother tongue, he also lovingly wrote that he will therefore “live with
more filial piety and respect”.

Among other things, Kim is also proud that his parents are “new generation parents who are on Instagram”.

Kim’s mother is Mekyung Lee and she could be found on IG @mekyunglee. While her husband/Kim’s dad was on IG @gimhwangsig9332.

Kim did not mention any siblings. However, he did mention this adorable nephew of his, who he said made him feel like he has become 30 years younger when he went to Busan in September last year.

Related FAQs

  • Is Kim Ye-hyun On Instagram?

Yes. Besides YouTube, Kim Ye-hyun also had a presence on Instagram. In fact, here he also managed to get more than decent followers. As of 2 February 2023, his IG @1f_okey included 53 posts and 128K followers.

Kim also ran another account (@fit_and_hill) on the platform on behalf of the FIT & HILL shop, also a gym and physical fitness center.

  • When Is Kim Ye-hyun Birthday?

Kim Ye-hyun’s birthday was not known until the time of this writing.

  • Where Is Kim Ye-hyun From?

Kim Ye-hyun was seemingly born and brought up in Busan. However, at the time of this writing, he had been calling Seoul, South Korea his home.

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