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Lim Min-Su Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Single’s Inferno

The second season of Single’s Inferno premiered on Netflix on 13 December 2022. But, Lim Min-Su was introduced in the series only later, with not long left on the island for the singles. She and Kim Se-jun were presented as surprise newcomers to cause some shake-ups in the existing relationships. Prettiest Min-Su particularly seemed to have gone there just to do that.

Now, let us tell you who Min-Su is and about her time spent on Single’s Inferno in this writing called ‘Lim Min-Su Bio’.

Lim Min-Su On Netflix’s Single’s Inferno

Upon Lim Min-Su and Kim Se-jun’s arrival, we see the judges on the show joke that these two should get together to avoid any drama. But, everyone anyway knew that was not going to happen.

At the end of S02 E06, viewers are left on a cliffhanger as it is announced that it is the two novices who are given the chance to choose who to take to paradise. Of course, we don’t know yet who they choose. Still, in the preview for the next episodes, we see Lim Min-Su saying she likes Jo Yoong-Jae. The two are also shown laughing on a date together. But then, Yoong-Jae was also previously seen leaving for the luxurious resort of Paradise with Choi Seo-Eun. So, with Min-Su also in the scene, this might affect the ties between the former two. It is up to the 3 January 2023 episode.

In the meantime, we can tell you that Min-Su describes her personality as an iron hand in a velvet glove. During her introduction, she raved that she laughs a lot and has a soft personality. Then, when she had to talk about her taste in men, she said she is adamant and if she sees someone she wants, she is the type of person to go straight for him without looking elsewhere.

Joining late, she seemed quite determined that she is just going to go for whoever she liked.

About her: fans were also soon to notice that she has a lot in common with Choi Seo-Eun.

Is Lim Min-Su Dating Anyone?

By the time of this writing, Lim Min-Su’s relationship status was unclear. If she had been dating anyone since her time on Single’s Inferno, she did not reveal. But, considering Yoong-Jae’s already strong connection with Choi Seo-Eun, Lim coming between them might even make the former bond even stronger. So, maybe, in that case, Lim should not be dating Yoong-Jae right now IRL.

But then, Min-Su also looked extremely proactive and of a strong mindset, and not so easy to be sidelined. Nevertheless, she also had many disadvantages for someone who entered the game so late.

Lim Min-Su Age

Lim Min-Su was born in 1993. So, she turned 29 years old in 2022.

Lim Min-Su Job

From just a look at her social media one can tell Lim Min-Su competed in Miss Korea in 2020. She did not win the competition but certainly went home more confident and with experiences to last a lifetime. She posted a photo of her amid the game saying she will never forget 2020 which made her dreams come true. And so, she was hoping the next year to be full of more unforgettable things. So, in the coming years, she landed more opportunities for modeling.

Min-Su, other than being a model, is also an artist.

Moreover, some of her fans lately took to Reddit to discuss that she is a painting undergrad. So that was true! Because Min-Su just did her first solo exhibition in February 2022.

What’s more, she attended Duksung Women’s University in the Department of Oriental Studies. Back when she went to Miss Korea, she mentioned Croquis and Oriental Painting as her specialties and marked sports, climbing, and exhibitions as her hobbies.

Additionally, we learned that Min-Su also has her own online shop registered at Korea’s Naver Smart Store.

Is Lim Min-Su On Instagram?

Yes. Lim Min-Su could be found on Instagram @limminsu000. But, being a late arrival on TV she only entertained 5,358 followers, unlike her early-comer fellow contestants, as of 29 December 2022. Yet, the number is certainly moving to go up in the coming days, especially more if the drama heats up inside Single’s Inferno.

In the meantime, this page of hers looked quite private. Even her comments were turned off.

However, from her page, we can tell that she has previously taken part in Miss Korea.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lim Min-Su Birthday?

Lim Min-Su is lucky she gets to celebrate her birthday just around the holidays. The day is December 26th. As a Capricorn born on this day, she can supposedly read the motives of others and is a good judge of character.

  • How Tall Is Lim Min-Su?

Lim Min-Su stands 5′ 8.11″ in height. About her appearance, many thought she resembled Shin Ji-Yeon from the first season. Both have pursued beauty pageants.

Min-Su clearly made everyone stare hard as she walked down the beach for the first time on Single’s Inferno. She was sporting an appealing look in an off-shoulder blue dress.

  • Where Is Lim Min-Su From?

Lim Min-Su more likely hails from Seoul, Korea.

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