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Love During Lockup Dauri Age, Last Name, Arrest History

Dauri from Love During Lockup was playing a dangerous game. He was sending other women letters, allegedly, in exchange for money, when his own girlfriend was in charge of his finances!

Get to know this prisoner better as you scroll down.

Is Love During Lockup Dauri Still Together With Emily?

Love During Lockup star, Dauri and, his girlfriend Emily were silent about their relationship. However, fans believed that two might have made it though for Dauri was looking for someone to help get him out of prison.  Moreover, Emily was working towards a law degree. This could mean big bucks and a cozy lifestyle once he gets released.

But on the other hand, viewers also felt like Emily only saw dollar signs in their relationship. Otherwise, why would she overlook his betrayal? Some even alleged that Emily catfished her prison inmate boyfriend. And Emily’s excuse for not going to see Dauri in person — even after 3 years of a long-distance relationship — was certainly not helping her case.

According to Dauri, she just didn’t have the chance. The first two years were because of Covid restrictions or because Dauri was only allowed to see immediate family. But she had no excuse for the third year. No constraints were holding her back from visiting Dauri, yet she didn’t meet him in person once!

So, it’s only natural that she’d be seen suspicious — hiding something from Dauri, including her real identity.

Furthermore, viewers gambled on the possibility that Emily has already spent all of Dauri’s money. And it’s partly true as well. In a Love During Lockup episode, Emily went shopping for a new engagement ring for herself because she believes she deserves “an upgrade”.

But then again, it was Dauri who signed overall financial power of attorney to Emily. So, although dangerous, it’s her call now.

Emily even put off Dauri’s business deal after receiving a strange call from one of her guy’s former cellmates, Smoke. He said that he was supposed to pick up some cash from Dauri, and she immediately blows him off telling him she has no idea what he was talking about.

Though Dauri’s girlfriend shut down Smoke, she gave his bunkie Storm $200 to invest in a business. But this doesn’t mean she liked him whatsoever. Infact, she can’t stand Storm and has disrespected him on multiple occasions. Also, the heated exchange between Emily and Storm led viewers to believe that Emily might be hiding something.

Looking back, Dauri and Emily first met when she clicked on an ad for prison pen pals. She picked Dauri from a list of men because she found him to be the most attractive. Thereafter, the two exchanged letters and soon fell in love.

However, it seems Emily wasn’t the only one Dauri was sending letters to. When caught, Dauri explained that he only pretended to be this mystery woman’s boyfriend in exchange for money. And just like that, they were cool again.

But Emily didn’t just forgive him for no reason. She bragged about having Daura’s money and claimed she would “scam the scammer” if Dauri thinks he was getting one up on her.

Love During Lockup Dauri Arrest History

Love During Lockup star, Dauri was one of the three men arrested in connection with the armed robbery of two Rutgers University students in July 2016. He was charged with one count of “Conspiracy, Robbery or Carjacking”, one count of “Unlawful taking of Means of Convenience”, and one count of “Robbery threat of Bodily Injury.”

It was reported that Dauri and his mates Michael Yensi and Vincent Paley robbed the Rutgers students at knifepoint in the area of Hamilton and Division streets. They also allegedly brandished a knife while another robber removed a cell phone from one of the victims’ pockets. Fortunately, the Rutgers students were uninjured.

As of 2022, Dauri was still in custody at Bayside State Prison in New Jersey. He was admitted in March 2017 and his “max release date” was December 13, 2024. Unfortunately, his parole eligibility date was listed as December 5, 2024 — which was only 8 days sooner.

However, Emily posted a message in her Instagram stories suggesting that Dauri will be getting out sooner. “He doesn’t have 2 more years y’all NJ DOC just sucks at updating their website,” she wrote.

But though Emily may appear excited about her boo getting out of jail, his actions suggest otherwise. Emily wasn’t anything like the others on the show.

Did you know: Dauri is a Middlesex County College student.

Love During Lockup Dauri Age

Love During Lockup star, Dauri was 27 years of age in 2022.

He is 3 years younger than his girlfriend Emily, who’s a grad student pursuing a career as a defense attorney. 

What Is Love During Lockup Dauri Last Name?

Love During Lockup star, Dauri’s last name is Cabrera.

While his fiancee Emily’s last name is Aschenbach.

Love During Lockup Dauri Height

Love During Lockup star, Dauri stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love During Lockup Dauri From?

Dauri hails from Union, New Jersey.

  • Is Love During Lockup Dauri On Instagram And Facebook?

We couldn’t find him on Instagram.

But here’s his Facebook @dauri.cabrera and Twitter @Dxuri49.

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