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Meet Jack Oar, Mountain Men Tom Oar Brother!

Fans of Mountain Men star Tom Oar know that the TV star has a brother named Jack Oar. In this article, learn about his age, job, wife, and other additional details.

Keep scrolling down and learn more as this article unfolds all the information.

Meet Jack Oar, Mountain Men Star Tom Oar Brother

Mountain Men Tom Oar is known among fans of the show as someone who doesn’t entertain being in the spotlight. He has shared very little about his family and has occasionally introduced his brother Jack Oar, an expert falconer, to the viewers on the show. One thing that doesn’t go to miss about Jack is that he is also camera shy like his brother.

Regardless, whenever he is in front of the camera, he never misses to inspire and educate the fans. It is something the viewers of the show have admired about Jack. Jack and Tom make some handicrafts that fans are interested to buy from them which they sell at Willow Bend Trading post.

Conclusively, Jack is something of a mystery man but here are a few things that we know about Jack.

Jack Oar Age

In 2022, Jack Oar is 82 years old. He was born in May 1940.

Jack Oar Wife

Jack Oar is married to his wife Connie Oar. The married couple has been living in their homestead located in a beautiful country between two mountain ranges just above the “Little Lost River” for years. Connie and Jack have kept details of their relationship a secret.

However, sources, reveal that Connie was previously married to her ex-husband Donald Johnson. They had a son named Dwight Johnson born on 16 October 1963 in Rockford, Illinois. Dwight was a 1982 graduate of Hononegah High School. He married Jessica Cummings on August 27, 2005, in Lake Geneva, WI.

Additionally, Dwight has served his country for the past 24 years as a member of the Illinois Army National Guard and is currently a Staff Sargeant serving as a diesel mechanic. He is a 20-year member of the Allied Games Dart League. Dwight was an avid motorcyclist and a Bear fan. He loved spending time with his children.

Sadly, Dwight passed away on 7 April 2007 at the age of 44. At the time, Connie was already married to Jack Oar. Her ex-husband is married to his wife Liz Johnson and lived in Belvidere, Illinois.

As for Jack and Connie, they shared a daughter named Evelyn Oar who has passed away before Dwight.

Talking about Connie’s job, she is a craftswoman. She makes goods such as Tam O’Shanter, neck bags out of brain-tanned buckskin with braided brain tan neck straps and beaded edging, reverse applique dresses, leggings, blankets, and moccasins.

Furthermore, they are grandparents to at least four grandkids.

Is Jack Oar On Instagram?

No, Jack Oar is not on any social media platform but he has been featured frequently on his wife’s Facebook.

Jack Oar Job

Jack Oar is an expert falconer. According to EagleFalconer, many falconers have the ideal temperament and expertise to fly a golden eagle, but very few do and very few live in the ideal countryside. Before chasing off a wild eagle that had just killed one of Jack’s chickens in his backyard one morning, Jack gave eagles a lot of thought.

He placed the dead chicken in a sizable bal-chatri trap that he had built before returning inside to wait and watch. Jack had his eagle when the eagle returned and caught itself in the trap.

According to Missoulian, Jack has trained falcons all of his life. Enchanted by their flight when he was in the third grade, Oar devoted his life to hunting the “way the knights once did.” “I just love everything about it,” said Oar with the outlet.,”It is the ultimate bird-watching. It is more bird-watching than bringing home the bacon.”

Oar struggles to square the sight of the dead bird and the fleeing poachers. Once she was tracking a falcon that was killed by a deer hunter a mile away. “I was really devastated,” he said. “It made me see blood. I think somebody went deer hunting and didn’t get a shot at a deer and decided to take a shot at her.”

“We don’t have to kill something every day,” Oar said. “For me, it is best to see, day by day, how they improve. You can see their mind working.” Oar holds no illusions the poachers will be caught.

Now, Jack is also imparting the knowledge he has gained to the youngsters. He said the youngster was learning fast, a part of falconry Oar loves the best.

Moreover, Jack and other falconers throughout the state have worked for decades to try to educate and inform people about these magnificent birds and the key role they play in the environment,” said Dave Smith, president of the Idaho Falconers’ Association. “It’s time for everyone to step forward and say that we won’t tolerate this kind of senseless destruction.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jack Oar From?

Jack Oar lives 25 miles north of Howe in the Little Lost River Valley in Idaho.

  • When Is Jack Oar Birthday?

Every year, Jack Oar celebrates his birthday in May.

  • How Tall Is Jack Oar?

Jack stands tall around the height of 5’10”.

  • Has Jack Oar Appeared On Mountain Men?

Yes, Jack has appeared on more than 20 episodes of Mountain Men.

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