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Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Family: Dad, Mom, Sister

Meet Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Family: Dad, Mom, Sisters

Love On The Spectrum US’s first season premiered on 18 May 2022 on Netflix. Fans were charmed by six singletons who are on the Autism spectrum as they tackled moments filled with sweet encounters, first date jitters, and heartbreaks. On such cast was Steve Spitz who became a hit not only because of his sweet personality but also because of his movie star voice.

It made fans want to learn more about his family members. Hence, we’ve put together this article covering all the details available on Steve Spitz’s family members. Keep scrolling down to learn more about them.

Who Are Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Family Members?

Steve Spitz comes from a Jewish family of five that included his parents Marlene and Harold Spitz. Marlene and Harold married in 1955. His two sisters are Michele and Suzanne Spitz. His parents were bi-continental but the family is based in San Francisco. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Meet Harold Spitz, Steve Spitz Dad

Steve Spitz was born to his father Harold “Hal” Spitz. Harold was born in Los Angeles on 20 February 1925 and came from a family history rooted in classical music. He was the son of Edward A Spitz, the founder of Guest Informant, a directory of tourist information distributed in 1,400 hotels across the country, and Francis Spitz.

Edward was working as a deliverer of laundry in 1937 to Los Angeles hotels. During that time, he noticed that guests had no guide to local services. Hence, he started Guest Informant as a four-page brochure, and it grew into a slick hard-cover volume of more than 300 pages, published annually.

Harold lost his father in 1990 at the age of 88 to a heart attack. Besides Harold, Edward also had a daughter named Elaine Oliver based in Los Angeles.

Harold Spitz, father of Steve Spitz from Netflix’s Love On The Spectrum US (Pic: SFGATE)

Meanwhile, Harold served as a U.S. Navy radioman in the South Pacific during World War II. After the war, Mr. Spitz joined Guest Informant. He became a publisher in 1962 and expanded the magazine to cities around the world. At the time of his retirement, he had been with the magazine for 58 years.

Harold was responsible for conceptualizing and expanding the publication into 17 other U.S. cities. He and his father sold the company in 1981. Harold continued on as publisher and CEO while expanding into cities worldwide.

He was active in the UCSF Program in Thoracic Oncology, the Mount Zion Health Fund, and the Jewish Community Endowment Fund.

Harold passed away at the age of 80 on 12 June 2005. He died of cancer in his Marina neighborhood home in San Francisco.

Meet Marlene Spitz, Steve Spitz Mom

Steve Spitz’s mother Marlene Spitz was born to her parents Sam Martyn (born 1903) and Rose Martyn (nee Wolfson) (born June 1904) in England. She came from a family history rooted in stage theatre and cinema.

Marlene Spitz, mother of Steve Spitz from Netflix’s Love On The Spectrum US (Pic: Shutterstock)

Marlene came to the United States with her brother Herman Martyn to live in Chicago.

Herman Martyn was an actor turned financier. As a teenage actor her brother performed at the Old Vic with Alec Guinness, Ralph Richardson, Margaret Leyton, and Sir Laurence Oliver. Later, he attended London’s Hasmonean School, and at the Italia Conti School for Music and Drama, where he acted with some of the future greats, often directed by a youthful Peter Brook.

Herman married his wife Miriam Azulay in a double wedding with Marlene and Hal. Deviating from the path of acting, he later became the longest-serving governor of NW London Jewish Day school he considerably enhanced the school’s development.

In 2004, he helped negotiate state funding of £60,000 for an outdoor learning area, raised funds for the latest computer technology, and helped bid for grant-maintained status, for which the school raised over £1million. He also became the Jewish representative to the London borough of Brent LEA on the school organization committee.

His work was acknowledged by the industry in 1984 when he won the Mecanorma Judges Advertising Award for consistency and high quality in price listing advertising. He had two sons; Richard and Mark and a daughter, Lee.

Sadly, Steve lost his mother Marlene in 1997.

How Many Sisters Does Steve Spitz Have?

Steve Spitz has two sisters Suzanne and Michele Spitz.

Michele is the youngest of three siblings. She attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart High School and became a singer in the school’s choir. She spent a year at USC before transferring up to SF State where she graduated with a degree in Broadcasting.

According to LinkedIn, Michele is a voice-over artist/film/audio description/philanthropy at “Woman of Her Word”. She has been an independent business owner since 2004. Before that, she spent 25 years in marketing in the Real Estate industry. Learn more about her here.

She also has an IMDB page.

The only thing we know about Steve’s sister Suzanne is she turned 65 years old in May 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Are Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Family Members On Instagram?

No, Steve Spitz’s family members don’t seem to be on Instagram. However, his sister Michele is on Facebook (@michele.spitz.1).

  • Where Do Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Family Members Reside?

Steve Spitz’s family is all based in San Francisco, California.

  • Is Anyone From Love On The Spectrum Steve Spitz Family Famous?

Besides Steve’s sister Suzanne, all of his family members are famous.

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