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Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez Bio, Husband, Height, Age, Job

The thirty-third installment of the American reality television show, The Amazing Race premiered on 5 January 2022. The season is finally back after its production was placed on hold for over a year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, the series this season features eleven teams of two in a race around the world for a US$1 million grand prize. And among them, after the couple Ray Gantt and Caro Viehweg, it’s the identical twins Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez and Marianela “Lulu” Gonzalez who have caught our attention.

Now, in the rest of the writing let us tell you just all about one of the twins Marissa Gonzalez who goes around by her pet name “Lala”.

Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez On The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race so you know is an adventure reality game show airing on CBS in which teams of two race around the world in competition with other teams. Each time, during a task, contestants strive to arrive first at the end of each leg of the race to avoid the possibility of elimination.

Unlike the other seasons, Season 33 stars two all-female teams, and they’re both gunning for the win. one of them is our Lulu and Lala (of course).

Lala and Lulu, other than giving a tough competition to the other contestants also brings up the entertainment factor in the show with their real closeness. But yes. They did fight too.

In S33 E05, host Phil Keoghan points out that Lulu and Lala tend to speak in unison. And he’s right. Even we noticed they do that in their miscellaneous video on YouTube.

Anyway, we were about to tell you that they had a major blowout that was not fully aired, much to their relief.

The official cast list for Season 33 includes — married couple Isaiah and Taylor Green-Jones; Kim and Penn Holderness; Connie and Sam Greiner; Sheridan and Akbar Cook; Love Island USA alum Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt; friends Cayla Platt and Raquel Moore; Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris; Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone; Michael Norwood and Moe Badger; the father-daughter pair Natalia Kumar and Arun Kumar; and the Gonzalez pairs (of course).

And as of this date, the eliminated so far were Michael and Moe, Natalie and Arun, and Akbar and Sheridan.

Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez Husband

Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez is certainly not married. But she has been in a relationship now and then, more than her twin (of course). And whenever she is dating someone and loving it she would be flaunting it all on her social media, unlike her twin sister who is sensitive about her putting her private affairs out there that way.

So according to Marissa, at this stage in life, she is looking for consistency and not a casual fling, her man needs to have faith in God as she does, he has to make her laugh (like a lot) and she says if you can speak in Spanish Latino and whisper romantic things into her ear that helps too.

However, when she was sharing all this back in May 2021, on the Lulu Lala YouTube, she already seem to have a boyfriend.

How Old Is Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez?

Born in the year 1984, both Marissa and her sister turned 37-year-old in 2021.

Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez Job

Outside of the racing world of CBS, Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez and her twin are radio hosts on the KTU’s 103.5 – The BEAT of New York an iHeart Radio Station. They have had over 10 years in the radio industry.

Before joining the iHeartMedia, they spent two years in South Florida hosting their afternoon show on Miami’s New HITS 97.3 and co-hosted Ty Loves NY on 92.3Now CBS Radio. They also spent 7 years at Univision Radio on X96.3 with The Luis Jimenez Show.

From hosting the events Wynwood Life Arts Festival, Mad Decent Block Party and Miami Music Week, Billboard Awards, Latin Grammys, PR Parade to interviewing Hollywood’s favorite celebrities Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Sofia Vergara, the Gonzalezs has already accomplished so much.

Last but not least, these two have been into modeling as well.

Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez Height

Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez stands below 5’6” tall.

Is Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez On Instagram?

Everywhere Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez goes and everything she does, it is together with her other literal half, Marianela “Lulu” Gonzalez. It’s like they do not exist alone but as ‘Lulu Lala’. It’s more like their brand as they are now getting their footing in the world of social media influencing and reality television.

So, they could be spotted collaboratively on Instagram and other social media platforms. As of 4 February 2022, the @luluylala on Instagram had 66.1K followers, 6,844 followers on Twitter @luluylala, and some 2.2K subscribers on their YouTube channel: Lulu Lala.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez Birthday?

Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez and her twin sister get to celebrate their birthday every year on the 5th of September.

  • Where Is Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez From?

Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez and her family are Cuban, Salvadorean Americans. And it is the hometown of North Bergen, New Jersey, in the United States they come from.

  • Who Are Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez’s Parents And Siblings?

Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez and his siblings have the best dad in the world. He taught his kids to be fearless and to never depend on anyone to get anything and they, in their native language, call him ‘Papi’.

Then, there’s her mom whom she is as much fond of. Growing up, Marissa said, her parents could never leave their kids alone, not even for a split second.

As for siblings, the twin siblings Lala and Lulu also have a brother named Tony.

Marissa often shows glimpses of her quality time with these people, on her social media.

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