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Sam Carlson Bio, Son, Net Worth, Wife, Port Protection

As National Geographic’s Port Protection Alaska was revived — titled Life Below Zero: Port Protection — it was only natural for the spin-off to have the permanent cast brought over as well. Thus, Sam Carlson returned to the small screen in 2020, ready for a brand new adventure.

And now that the show’s season 5 is here, let’s explore the star’s life a little more as this “Sam Carlson Bio” proceeds.

Sam Carlson On Port Protection

Sam Carlson is one of the original cast of Port Protection who appeared on the show’s inaugural season back in July 2015. Other stars who joined him, as the show was revived later, are Gary Muehlberger, Mary Miller, Timothy “Curly” Leach, Matt Carlson, Stuart Andrews, David Squibb

This hunter has lived his whole life in the forest around Port Protection. For over 50 years, he has commercial fished, trapped, built a compound, and raised a family. No wonder, he was loved by most of the viewers.

Since the inaugural season, Sam has appeared in over 30 episodes until 2022 — each time with a different adventure. Back in one of the 2020 episodes, Sam even shared with viewers a smart cooking method (using the available resources) and it was genius!

According to him, making sausage was valuable. While one venison loin might make a great dinner, turning it into a sausage can make several meals. Also, Sam smoked his sausage. It plays a vital role in preserving food.

Besides sausage, Sam also once accidentally made a better version of a smoked meatloaf.

Did you know: Sam’s co-star Gary Muehlberger passed away in March 2021, reportedly from a fire in his home. He was thriving out in the wild and perfecting his self-subsistence techniques for over 39 years in Alaska then.

On the other hand, Sue Aikens, who has gotten into some extremely dangerous situations including a gnarly bear attack, was still alive as of 2022.

Is Sam Carlson From Port Protection Married?

Yes, Port Protection star, Sam Carlson is a married man. Although his wife doesn’t like to make TV appearances, Sam hints to fans about his married life by often flaunting his wedding ring.

Sadly, we couldn’t figure out his wife’s identity.

But here are the names of a few of his family members/relatives — Rex Carlson (OneNeoEon employee), Kelly Carlson (a guitarist married to Celeste Mora Carlson), and Eric Carlson (former Local 66 employee).

Sam Carlson Son

Sam Carlson’s son is also his Port Protection co-star, Matt Carlson.

His “prodigal son,” Matt grew up in Port Protection, but later moved out of the wilderness to the mainland to live with his wife Kaylee and daughter Shipley. So, why did he come back? Well, Matt and Kaylee are separated now. So, a hunter at heart, Matt decided to spend quality time with his father and get back to his roots.

However, though Matt’s learned everything from his father, his and Sam’s hunting approach are different. For instance, Sam sets up a climbing tree stand while Matt goes on foot to capture his prey.

Fun Fact: Sam sent his son to school, right across from Gary’s house. Matt later went on to be one of the first graduating classes from that old school.

How Old Is Port Protection’s Sam Carlson?

Port Protection star, Sam Carlson was 62 years of age in 2022, making him one of the oldest cast members.

For those who don’t know, his full name is Samuel M Carlson.

How Much Is Sam Carlson Net Worth?

Sam Carlson garnered a net worth of under $500 thousand by 2022.

A survival expert, Sam is a self-taught hunter who uses his ingenuity to better himself and his surroundings. They even call him “The Engineer,” even though he academically/professionally isn’t, because of his creativeness.

However, Sam does like reading about Quantum physics.

Also, he’s been to Garfield High School and later graduated from Ketchikan High School.

When Sam wasn’t filming on Port Protection, he worked with Kawanti Adventures, as a tour guide.

The company Kawanti Adventures is comprised of a group of locals passionate about sharing all that they love about Alaska. From the sky to the zip line to behind the wheel and the trail, they promised to show their visitors “true Alaska.”

Their rates stated from around $200/person, depending on the package.

Sam Carlson Height

Sam Carlson stands tall at height above 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Sam has an oval face and a wrinkled forehead.

Did you know: Sam is reportedly affiliated with the democratic party.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sam Carlson’s Birthday?

Reportedly, Sam receives his birthday wishes on March 24.

  • Does Sam Carlson Still Live On Port Protection?

No, according to Sam’s Facebook, he didn’t reside in Port Protection, Alaska, as of 2022.

So, where did he live? — Seattle, Washington. Not very far from his hometown Point Baker, Alaska.

  • Is Sam Carlson On Instagram?

No, Sam wasn’t on Instagram.

However, here’s his Facebook @samuel.carlson.35.

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