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Megan Dufresne Bio, Now, Age, Father, Suzanne Sevakis

Meet Megan Dufresne, daughter of Suzanne Sevakis. She recently appeared on Netflix’s show Girl In The Picture. After watching the show, a fan inquired where is Megan Dufresne today? How old is she? More importantly, who is her father?

Learn all about it in the article below.

Girl In The Picture: Meet Megan Dufresne, Suzanne Sevakis Daughter

Megan Dufresne, the youngest of three children born to Suzanne Sevakis, was reportedly given up for adoption, shortly after her birth. It was in 1989, that she was given up for adoption to a couple from New Orleans who couldn’t have their own children. There is no information regarding her birth father.

However, at the time of her birth, her mother was married to her step-grandfather and kidnapper/abuser/federal fugitive Franklin Delano Floyd, then known as Tonya and Clarence. They fled to Florida on their way to Tulsa.

Michael was with Suzanne while she gave her first child up for adoption. About six weeks before to Megan’s birth, she and Floyd contacted the attorney’s office to place their third child for adoption. They had made the case that they lacked the resources to support a second child.

In the show, Dufresne shared that learning her mother’s story has left her feeling a strange kind of anger, which she’s still trying to process.

“No girl should have to go through that,” she says. “From a stranger, much less somebody’s that’s supposed to be her father, father figure, whatever the hell he was”.

Where Is Megan Dufresne Now?

Megan Dufresne was adopted by her current parents Dean J DuFresne and Mary B DuFresne. Both the residents of Terrytown, Louisiana, Dean is 64 years old while Mary is 61 years old in 2022. Whereas, Megan is based in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. She also lived in Hammond, Louisiana.

They are now based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mary DuFresne reached out to Matt Birkbeck in 2005 Matt’s first book A Beautiful Child published in 2004. Matt recollected that Megan’s mother Mary reached out to him and they kept her identity a secret for a number of years.

Before that, Megan was informed that her mother had passed away in a vehicle accident, but she didn’t discover additional information about her birth mother until 2004 when Matt Birkbeck’s book “A Beautiful Child” was published.

From Right To Left, Mary DuFresne, and Megan DuFresne, Journalist Matt Birkbeck In March 2016 (Pic: Matt Birkbeck)

Ever since then, she has made a few public appearances recently in Netflix’s show Girl In The Picture.

According to Matt, Megan attended the service where they were giving a new headstone to her mother Suzane Sevakis. The first headstone name read Tonya Dawn Tadlock. There she gets to meet her grandfather Clifford Sevakis for the first time.

Moreover, Megan learned about her brother Michael Anthony Hughes, born in 1988, abducted by Floyd on 12 September 1994. Floyd walked into Michael’s school in Choctaw, Oklahoma, and abducted the child at gunpoint. Floyd also kidnapped Michael’s school principal and tied him to a tree. He was found hours later by people working in a nearby yard.

As a tribute to her brother, whom she never got to meet, Megan named her son after her brother Michael.

According to journalist Matt Birkbeck, Suzanne was plotting to leave Franklin to save her son, at the time she was working as a stripper seven days a week.

Megan Dufresne Age

Reportedly born in 1989, Megan Dufresne is 33 years old in 2022.

Megan Dufresne Father

Suzanne Sevakis was pregnant reportedly three times in her life. Most people believed that her step-father, who later became her husband, impregnated her. However, the DNA test performed on Megan also allegedly on Michael disapproved of the assumptions. So, it is unclear who her biological father is.

As for her adoptive father, Megan’s dad is Dean Joseph Dufresne. Dean is the son of Mary “Mei Mei” Victoria Bauer Dufresne and Isaac Joseph Dufresne. Megan’s grandmother Mary “Mei Mei” Victoria Bauer Dufresne died on 2 January 2017.

Is Megan Dufresne Married?

Yes, Megan Dufresne is married. Her husband is Jacob Dufreche. She and her husband shared her wedding vows on 6 November 2021. According to their social media post, they share two children.

Megan Dufresne reportedly during her mother’s service while changing her headstone with her real name, shared that she is having a son and she is naming her Michael, after her late brother. But, besides that, there isn’t much about her marriage and husband.

Talking about her husband, he is working as Chef de Cuisine at Cochon Butcher. He is also working as a sous chef at Cochon Restaurant.

Fun Fact: There was another Megan Dufresne who married in December 2021, who married in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Megan Dufresne Job

It appears that Megan Dufresne has inherited the intelligence of her mother. While her mother who had vast potential and could’ve accomplished so much, was killed in her early 20s, Megan is working hard to become a well-accomplished woman. According to her LinkedIn, Megan is currently working as a Research Coordinator at COVINGTON ORTHO & SPORTS MED. CLINIC, LLC since November 2017.

Furthermore, Megan had also served at Southeastern Louisiana University as an admissions specialist. From February 2017 to May 2017, she worked at Jefferson Parish Public School System as an Adapted Physical Education Instructor. Furthermore, she served as a graduate assistant at Southeastern Louisiana University for two years and served as a Teacher/Athletic Trainer at St. Joseph’s Academy from 2012 to 2014.

Talking about her academic qualifications, Megan holds a BS in Kinesiology and MA in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Megan Dufresne Born?

According to Matt Birkbeck, Megan Dufresne’s birthplace is New Orleans.

  • Is Megan Dufresne On Instagram And Facebook?

Though Megan Dufresne could be on social media platforms, however, it was impossible to track her on Instagram and Facebook.

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