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Nick Robatto Bio, Age, Wife, Job, Pottery Throw Down

Let us introduce you to The Great Pottery Throw Down contestant Nick Robatto. Although pottery is his side business, he is best known as the prop maker for TV shows. Learn about his job, shows he worked on, and everything related to his job.

This Nick Robatto Bio also covers information related to his wife and kids. So, scroll down to learn more about him.

Nick Robatto On The Great Pottery Throw Down

Meet Cellan Cox, one of the 12 participants that competed in Channel 4’s ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ in 2022. The show which premiered in 2015 displayed the craftsmanship of contestants earned praise for its kind. Two judges Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller will be judging the work of the contestants meanwhile Siobhán McSweeney and Ellie Taylor will be hosting the show in the sixth season.

You’ll meet AJ Simpson, Anna McGurn, Christine Cherry, Bill Thomas, Jenny Cobb, Josh, Lucinda Lovesey, Miles Johnson, Cellan Cox, Tom Demeranville, and Zahra Jabir alongside Nick Robatto competing for the title.

Nick Robatto Age

During the filming of the show, Nick Robatto was 43 years old.

Does Nick Robatto Have A Wife?

Nick Robatto is a family man. He is married to his wife Katherine. They are parents to at least four kids. They share 16-year-old twins, an 11-year-old daughter, and a son named Tillman born in January 2014.

In March 2020, Nicko wrote on his business Facebook page that Rubbertoe Replicas consists of Nick and his wife. They would hire freelancers to help with the business but it was only two of them working in the business. Furthermore, his wife was often at home with kids but her job was to answer emails, process orders, etc. from there.

Is Nick Robatto On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Nick Robatto is on Instagram and goes by the handle name (@nickrobattoceramics). He has only 549 followers and started posting on the platform in early December 2021.

But, he also has an IG account for Rubbertoe Replicas (@rubbertoeprops) and a Facebook page (@Rubbertoereplicas) with 12k+ followers.

Nick Robatto Job

Nick found love for breaking down stuff and building them back again at a very young age. He used to dismantle his father’s video recorder. Then, his father started buying him Airfix model kits “to keep myself occupied rather than taking anything apart”.

In school, Nick took to design and technology classes before going to art school. At that point, he just thought that since he liked drawing and painting he was going to do something along those lines. He thought he would be a good graphic designer but he loved making stuff.

He said, “Then, I started doing the product design course and after six months, I realized that I didn’t like it because it was all science and there wasn’t a lot of making stuff.”

At the university, Nick studied model-making. Then, he started building architecture models, product models, exhibitions, sets, and displays.

Nick was best known as the prop-maker for BBC’s hit show Doctor Who. He shared that he landed the job by accident. At the time he got a job with a company making architectural models. And when BBC relaunched Doctor Who in 2005, the producers turned to model-makers for props.

Nick worked for Doctor Who for six years. Then, he went independent and also made props for  Casualty, Torchwood, Merlin, and Sherlock. Most of his creations are sonic screwdrivers. Nick told BBC, “The sonic screwdrivers are probably the most complicated because they have electronics and moving parts. They have to be handmade. It’s nice to have the challenge”

He earned his license to produce replicas. The replica props were available on the business website Rubbertoe Replicas’ online shop. The company created accurate and handcrafted replica props and memorabilia.

These include Dalek Death Ray Stalks, Captain Jack’s Sonic Blaster, and River Song’s Squareness Gun. Plus memorabilia items based on screen-used props, such as Gallifreyan symbol coasters, TARDIS console plaques, and Sonic Screwdriver holders.

Talking about Rubbertoe Replicas, it is a company specializing in 100% authentic prop replicas and collectibles from the cult BBC show, Doctor Who. They are the ONLY prop makers who are fully licensed by the BBC to make replicas from Doctor Who. Before, starting Rubbertoe Replicas he had his own company Rubbertoe Props.

Rubbertoe Props created props for the film and television industry. The company is situated in Cardiff, South Wales, and is a comprehensive facility that houses an experienced and varied skill base of creative fabricators. The company offered services to all aspects of the creative industry, including design work, props, model-making, creatures, weapons, miniatures, set building, sculpture, prototyping, and display work.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nick Robatto From?

Nick Robatto hailed from Cardiff, Wales, England.

  • How Tall Is Nick Robatto?

Talking about height, Nick Robatto stood at a height over 6 feet.

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