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Sandra Willett Bio, Age, Today, Netflix Girl In The Picture

Sandra “Sandi” Willett AKA Sandi Chipman is the mother of Suzanne and the subject of Netflix’s Girl In The Picture. Netflix’s latest offering explores the tragic life of Suzanne Sevakis who was kidnapped by her “step-father” Franklin Delano Floyd who stole her identity, her childhood, her siblings, the love of her parents, and all in all, her entire life.

Sandra recently appeared on Netflix’s show. So, viewers inquired about her current life? Where she is today? Who is her current husband? We got all the answers so keep scrolling down to learn more about Sandra “Sandi” Willett or Sani Chipman, mother of Suzanne Sevakis.

Meet Sandra Willett, A Subject Of Netflix’s Girl In The Picture

Netflix’s Girl In The Picture unfolds the tragic life story of Suzanne Sevakis. Sandra “Sandi” Willett, the mother of Suzanne, is one of the subjects who appeared on the show. The seed of the later unfolding harrowing ordeal of Suzanne’s life sowed in 1974 when her mother then known as Sandi Chipman met Brandon Cleo Williams (real name Franklin Delano Floyd), met her at the North Carolina truck stop.

At the time, Sandra was a mother of three daughters; Suzanne Sevakis, Allison Brandenburg, and Amy Brandenburg, and one less than a year old son Phillip Steven Brandenburg. She had Suzanne with her ex-husband Clifford Sevakis, and the remaining three children with Dennis Brandenburg.

Suzanne was allegedly working as a prostitute and told Brandon that she lost her three daughters to the state. Brandon offered to marry her to get her children back. They tied the knots just one month and two days after Phillip’s birth and less than two weeks after their meeting.

They moved around to live in Pennsylvania and later to Texas where Sandi was arrested. When she got out, her husband and all four children were gone. She found her two daughters Allison and Amy at Baptist Children’s Home.

When the FBI arrived at Sandra’s home they were expecting the reaction they got from her. Several accounts shares that Sandra appeared as if she didn’t care, Suzanne, was kidnapped since her step-father took her. Sandra’s father and brother Jim reportedly wanted to look for Suzanne and Phillip but she allegedly didn’t make any effort to find her kids.

In the show, Sandra revealed that she was struggling with PTSD after a tornado had hit the trailer where she lived with her children when she met Floyd. He had promised to “take care of [her] and [her] children”, but had started to do “scary things”, such as carrying a knife with him at all times and telling Willett: “You think you’re gonna leave me? That’s not happening”.

She also opened up about her arrest and going to the police. The officers asked if she was legally married to Floyd, and when she answered affirmatively, she was told she would have to handle the situation herself.

Where Is Sandra Willett Today?

As of 2022, Sandra Willett was married to her late husband Carson Willett. According to Caron’s obituary, they were married for 30 years. Her husband died unexpectedly while on vacation in Michigan on 12 August 2010.

Sandi is still alive in 2022.

Sandra Willett Kids

Sandra Willett reportedly had seven children in her lifetime.

The oldest, Suzanne was born on 9 September 1969. Allison Brandenburg was born in 1971 and Amy Brandenburg in 1972 to Dennis Brandenburg. Dennis also had another daughter Michelle Brandenburg who confirmed in a forum that her father died on 24 April 2019 at the age of 72.

Phillip Brandenburg, also kidnapped by Franklin Delano Floyd, came forward in 2019. He was reportedly given up for adoption to a family in North Carolina and is now thriving as an adult. His identity was confirmed via a DNA test in 2020.

Sandi gave birth to Jeffrey Dinnell in 1977. Jeffrey is married to his wife Harmony and children five children together named Kelly, Jacob, Arianna, Dylana, and Casey. Her other son is Jonathan Brandenburg. Jonathan’s wife is Jennifer. They shared two children. Amiyah and Mika.

Moreover, Sandra’s youngest Dorothy (Morgan) Willett was born in 1980. Sandra had Dorothy with Carson.

In 2022, Dorothy is married to her husband John and has three children named Mariah, Autumn, and Summer.

Sandra Willett Age

As of 2022 Sandra Willett should be above 72 years old.

Is Sandra Willett Married?

No, Sandra Willet is not married. She appears to be a widow of her late husband Carson Willet who she married for 30 years.

Where Was Sandra Willett Born?

Sandra Willett’s place of birth is unclear. But, she has lived in North Carolina, Texas, and Michigan.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Sandra Willett Maiden Name?

It is likely that Sandra Willett’s maiden name is Chipman, Sandra “Sandi” Chipman.

  • How Long Was Sandra Willett In The Prison?

Sandra Willett, then Sandi Chipman, was sent to prison for 30 days for writing a bad check after purchasing diapers.

  • Is Sandra Willett On Facebook?

No, Sandra Willett is not on Facebook.

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