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Sherry Ollinger Bio, Age, Job, IG, Duane Ollinger Wife

So, since you have come here, we assume that you are aware of Chad Ollinger on Discovery Channel’s Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

Chad is seen on a journey alongside his father Duane Olligner as they explore their Utah ranch, hellbent on finding a vast fortune of gold buried beneath the surface of the land.

However, the rest of the writing is not about him or his father but a common really important person in both of their lives. Yes, Chad’s mother and Duane Ollinger’s wife Sherry Ollinger!

Meet Sherry Ollinger, Duane Ollinger Wife

Because Blind Frog Ranch is not exactly about the Ollingers’ endeavors, not much is revealed about Duane Ollinger and his wife Sherry Ollinger’s lives together.

Still, what is understood is, that these two are still married. Also, what their wedding pictures from back in time, now posted on Sherry’s social media in recent times, suggest is that had entered this union willingly and with immense joy.

Be that as it may, we can still not tell you when exactly they got married.

Now, as you know, Sherry’s husband Duane, who turned 64 on 1 June 2022, has had a wonderful and successful career as both a Rancher and High-Risk Oil Contractor in Amarillo Texas.

Lately, having sold his high-risk oil contracting, he has all his money, resources, and reputation on the Blind Frog Ranch project. He is convinced that a famous (Lost Rhodes Mines Gold) lost treasure including some big paranormal activity is hidden inside the caverns of the Utah Mountains.

The Blind Frog Ranch is based in Utah’s Uintah Basin, where Duane’s 160-acre property is located.

And while people on Reddit have been talking about how the Discovery show is all fake and Duane’s excavations seem staged and set up, Duane himself is confident that if he and his team can prove all the things that they have seen, it will be a game-changer to a lot of technology.

So you know the Ollingers had made it to the news back in January 2017 too; when their home in San Jacinto suffered heavy fire damage due to a Saturday night blaze. Luckily, at the time, the home was unoccupied, and therefore no injuries occurred. As the report claimed, fire damage was contained to one bedroom, but smoke damage permeated the home. The estimated loss was $10,000.

Also, according to the report, the house was owned by both Sherry and Duanne Ollinger.

How Many Kids Do Sherry And Duane Ollinger Have?

So, it is not just Chad Ollinger who was born to Sherry and Duane Ollinger. They also have a daughter and she is called Tara Ollinger.

However, all that was understood about Danbury High School is, she went to Danbury High School and graduated in the year 2001.

Apparently, of all the Ollingers, it is Chad that people know more about. Other than his educational background, i.e, he studied at Texas Tech University and went to Dumas Independent School District, they are also aware of the fact that he is happily married to his wife Hailey Ollinger. Professionally, Hailey is a writer. And so far in the marriage, they welcomed four kids. (One rests peacefully in heaven now.)

Sherry Ollinger Age

Every year the 30th of March marks Sherry Ollinger’s birthday. So, on this day in 2021, she became 63 years of age.

Sherry Ollinger Job

Sherry Ollinger appears to have always busied herself in multiple jobs. However, lately, it seemed she has a few left.

From the look of things, she is a secretary at The Healing Center in Texas. Also, as per her Facebook BIO, she is a registered nurse at Amarillo College.

Meanwhile, in the past, Sherry was in the governing position at STC Investments LLC and was a director at Tiger Aviation LLC. It is likely the same aviation company in Dumas, that her son, Chad, sold before moving his wife and kids into a decommissioned school bus in (La Ventana, Baja California Sur) in Mexico

(Of course) Sherry is also a now inactive member/director of Rousseau Farms, LLC.

Is Sherry Ollinger On IG, Facebook?

Yes, Sherry Ollinger could be spotted on Instagram until 23 January 2022. The account @sherry_ollinger seemed new as it included just one post and some 38 followers.

Of course, you could find her also on her ‘Sherry Ollinger‘ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Sherry Ollinger’s Maiden Name?

Sherry Ollinger’s maiden name is Sherry Rousseau, after her father Bill J. Rousseau.

The patriarch passed away back in 2008 at the age of 78. He was, at the time, by his daughter and Sherry’s sister, Neta Jean Rousseau.

The rest of the people, that we know of, in Sherry’s family are two sisters Patsy Carter (married to Bob of Lubbock) and June McHugh (married to Dennis of Amarillo). They also have a brother named Bill Rousseau.

Then, last but not least, there is the mother, Lauri, of Tulia.

  • Where Is Sherry Ollinger From?

Like her parents, Sherry Ollinger was born and brought up in her hometown of Tulia, which is a city in Swisher County, Texas. Although currently, she lived in Amarillo. But then, that is also Texas.

  • Does Sherry Ollinger Appear On Blind Frog Ranch?

So far, Sherry Ollinger had no part in the Blind Frog Ranch show. While her son Chad had joined the cast of this reality TV program in January 2021. He has appeared in both seasons 1 and 2.

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