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Song Ji-a Bio, Age, Plastic Surgery, Height, Singles Inferno

Meet Song Ji-a, one of the contestants of the Korean reality show ‘Singles Inferno’. This article covers information about her age, plastic surgery, height, and her career as a content creator.

Scroll down this Song Ji-a Bio to learn more about Korean beauty.

Song Ji-a On Singles Inferno

Korean movies and dramas had a small group of fans in the past although they produced brilliant works of art. In recent years, ‘Parasite’ and ‘Squid Game’ further helped to bring in an audience from the international level to show what they had to offer from the Korean movie and TV show industry.

‘Single Inferno’ is a reality show, which shares a similar theme as ‘Love Island’ or ‘Too Hot to Handle’. In the show, you’ll meet extremely attractive singletons trying to find love while being stranded on a remote island. With the limited supplies, they can move to ‘the paradise’ only if they couple up on the show.

But, there is one rule, they aren’t allowed to reveal their age or their job to fellow contestants. The idea is to attract the people based on their charm to establish a connection with each other. So, if either of them managed to couple up, then ‘paradise’, a luxury hotel is waiting for them nearby where they are allowed to say or do anything.

Much like Gogglebox, a group of Korean celebrities and comedians watch and react to their interaction in real-time throughout the episode.

But, among all the contestants, one undisputed star of the show was Song who hailed from Busan but lived in Seoul to attend college when she turned 20. She has already racked up 1.2 million followers on her Instagram. When she arrived at the show, she turned everyone’s head. She introduced herself as cute and sexy. She made it clear that physical attractions matter to her and she is into tall men.

Other things that get her interested are personality and money. She was sure that none of the other women could go head to head with her.

As of this writing, Song has managed to go to ‘paradise’ two times. She is stuck in a love triangle with fashion designer Choi Si-hun and hunky personal trainer Kim Hyeon-Joong.

Song Ji-a Age

In a YouTube video which she uploaded in November 2019, she revealed that she was born in 1996 and shared that she was 23 years old. As of early 2022, Song Ji-a is 25 years old.

Has Song Ji-a Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Song Ji-a has done surgery. She explained that there were some rude comments on her YouTube and she was angry about it. but, since there were a lot of questions about the plastic surgery she chose to answer them.

Song Ji-a has done surgery on her nose. But, she never did lip fillers although many people believed she also did that.

Fun Fact: Song has asymmetrical eyes and she hasn’t done any surgery to get it fixed otherwise she would’ve made it symmetrical.

Song Ji-a Height

Talking about her height, Song Ji-a revealed that she stands tall at 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters).

Is Song Ji-a On Instagram?

Yes, Son is on Instagram. Her account (@dear.zia) has earned her 1.3 million followers.

Song Ji-a As A Beauty Content Creator

Song Ji-a has been pursuing a career as a social media content creator since September 2019. She uploaded her first video on 5 September 2019. It was a make-up tutorial that has nearly 505k views as of this writing. She also creates vlogs on her YouTube channel ‘free지아’.

Song attended Hanyang University and graduated with a dance major. She also posted a vlog about it on her YouTube. In addition, she also does Q&A, did closet reveal, advised on how she stays in shape, and other related content. The Korean content creator has also made videos related to her mom and her younger brother.

In her video from November 2019, Song Ji-a also shared about her parents. She posted pictures of her father and mother and revealed that she inherited her mother’s forehead and jawline and her eyes from her dad.

In Q&A from July 2021, Song also revealed that although she is close with her mother now, back in the days when she was in high school she often used to fight with her mother because puberty had hit her and she was stressed with school. But, once she moved out of her parents’ house they are very close to each other.

She also addressed her relationship with her brother and revealed that she wasn’t very close to him.

Her fans were also eager to learn about her financial situation about her parents or did she grew up in a rich family, Song shared that she had no financial worries. She revealed that she wasn’t born with a silver spoon but her parents let her do whatever she wanted to have to do.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Song Ji-a Birthday?

Song Ji-a hasn’t revealed her birthday as of this writing.

  • Is Song Ji-a On YouTube?

Yes, Song Ji-a is a content creator on YouTube. Her channel free지아 flaunts 1.03 million subscribers.

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