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Kim Su-Min Bio, Age, Job, Height, Instagram, Singles Inferno

Meet the new contestant of ‘Singles Inferno,’ Kim Su-Min. Although she appeared only in episode 5, Kim has become a fan’s favorite.

Learn about her job, her age, her height, and her Instagram account here.

Fun Fact: Kim knew might’ve known one contestant before she filmed the ‘Singles Inferno’. Who is that person?

This Kim Su-Min Bio addresses it all, so scroll down.

Kim Su-Min On Singles Inferno

The 5th episode of Netflix’s ‘Singles Inferno’ introduced us to Kim Su-Min. She is yet to click with her fellow male contestant so that she could head towards ‘Paradise’ in the show.

The reality show ‘Single Inferno’ has a similar theme to ‘Love Island’ or ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ In the show, you’ll meet extremely stunning singletons who are stuck on a distant island and attempting to find love. They can only relocate to ‘the paradise’ because of the restricted supplies if they couple up on the show.

However, there is one rule: they are not permitted to reveal their age or occupation to other contestants. The goal is to attract people based on their attractiveness so that they can form a bond with one another. So, if one of them manages to get together, ‘heaven’ awaits them nearby, a fancy hotel where they are free to say or do whatever they want.

A group of Korean celebrities and comedians observe and react to their interaction in real-time during the broadcast, similar to Gogglebox. Song Ji-a, Kang So-Yeon, Shin Ji-Yeon, Kim Hyeon-Joong, An Yea-Won, Choi Shi-Hun, Kim Jun-Sik, Moon Se-Hoon, and Oh Jin-Taek were also presented in the show.

In the fifth episode of the show, other two new candidates were introduced along with Kim: Cha Hyun-Seong, and Seong Min-Ji. Cha Hyun-Seong says that his good sides are “well-proportioned body” and his “charming smile”. Cha enjoys watersports and is looking for a cheerful, funny, positive woman with a beautiful smile.

Talking about Seong, she clear the air about herself saying people often perceived her as cold and hard to approach. But, she claimed that she is friendly and playful. She is looking for a man who has hobbies and tastes that match her.

Back to Kim, one of her IG posts describes her better. In September 2018, she wrote, “I’ll tell you a secret, it’s very simple, you see better with your heart. What’s really important is invisible to your eyes”. She self-described as a ‘bright, friendly, and energetic person.’ It didn’t take her very long to turn the heads of the boys on the show. But, these incidents are nothing new to her because she is used to getting hit by guys a lot when she was not on the show. So you know, she is very popular with the boys.

In episode 5, Kim shared that it’s important to have confidence and believe in herself and she’s looking for a man who is “true to his feelings”.

About her appearance, one fan commented, “It would have been better if you came out from episode 1… I love the bright energy ❤️❤️”.

Kim Su-Min Age

Kim Su-Min should be over the age of 23; however, she hasn’t revealed her age as of this writing.

How Tall Is Kim Su-Min?

Talking about her height, Kim Su-Min stands tall under 5 feet 8 inches.

Kim Su-Min Job

Kim Su-Min is working towards establishing a career as a model and actress. Her Instagram posts and stories share that she has done a few commercials. Like, she appeared on a commercial of KFC with her fellow ‘Singles Inferno’ contestant Seong Min-Ji’s twin-sister Seong Min-Ju. Based on that, it appears they Kim and Seong have known each other even before joining the show.

She also appeared on the commercial for coffee company Angel-in-us. Moreover, her acting gig also included a commercial for Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam.

Furthermore, Kim also appeared on the promotional video for The 21st National Assembly Election.

And, it appears, Kim has done only 1 short film in her career. She appeared in actor Kim Seung-Woo’s 4th short film ‘Forgotten Love’. She wrote on her IG “It was an honor to play the child role of actor Kim Seung-woo’s 4th short film Forgotten Love!”

Because she is into films, Kim enjoys watching Hollywood movies, like she posted a snap of Before Sunrise (1995) on her IG. She also enjoys painting and has shared a few works of art on her IG. It appears she admires the work of master French master Henri Matisse and shared a pic of its copy on her IG.

Is Kim Su-Min On Instagram, YouTube?

Yes, Kim Su-Min is on Instagram. She goes by the handle (@sumesume_) which garnered her 10.2k followers.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kim Su-Min Birthday?

Kim Su-Min hasn’t shared her birthday yet.

  • Where Is Kim Su-Min From?

Obviously, Kim Su-Min is from Korea but she hasn’t revealed her birthplace. However, she has traveled to many places like when she took pictures inside Oedo Onsen of Japan. Inside Korea, she posted pictures from the time she visited Daecheon Beach in Boryeong, South Korea.

  • Has Kim Su-Min Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Kim Su-Min is yet to address the questions related to her plastic surgeries if she ever got one.

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